Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sparks 4.2005.12.30

Over. In a twinkle of an eye, the first half ended. Haa.. like i have said, it was very dream-like. I felt a little of that during rehearsal, but it became true in the concert. Guess it must be the platform and the spot light that made everything so so dream-like. Though dreams are beautiful, they are often unclear and blur. That was not really good as this made me blur of what i was playing and confused over what should come out from me. Haa.. Nonetheless, i have enjoyed the concert.. I really do not want this day to end. Seriously.

The day was long.. went to plaza early in the morning to buy some goodies and souvenirs, met sinpei and then we went off to meet my twin outside dunearn sec. Yawns.. that seems like yesterday. haa..

Reached Yuhua on time, started wrapping the souvenir before going around doing and not doing stuff that i should do. Anyway, all was smooth as the buses and lorries arrived and we loaded up and set off for vch.

Running up, going down, running in , running out was what happened to me after that. It lasted for quite some time and finally rehearsal was here! Ms Chan ran through the important parts, we tuned, tried, adjusted and then, my stomach growled. haa.. added into the symphony of noise we were making and i was offered pork from my left. haaa.. okie, not funny, but ya, before long, my seemingly long-awaited dinner was there for me to indulge in!! Yum yum.. Dinner was great! Partly cos i was really hungry, partly cos it was really nice! haha.. thought of it makes me hungry again! muahaha..Apologies to all for the limited water supply as this year we are really on tight budget.. Soon..the real thing was there for us to go..

The crowd was late.. many were streaming in here and there.. But i was glad that at least they were coming in.. hehe.. Before i realised it, the first half was over.. All i rmb was Jason's solo! so so so beautiful! =) Really mesmerising.. wooooo~~~

Interval was hectic.. Hot and frenzy.. haha.. Received this call from a special guest who really managed to surprise me totally! haa.. thanks cheecheemon..for such a pleasant surprise! Really so happy to see you! Though i was a little disappointed initially when u said u cant make it, the fact that u turned up in the end and was even prepared with a flower really really made my day! =) *hugz* Met frankie after that.. haa.. thanks for the choco and the present too!(to fang and kim too!) haha, thanks for coming! hope u guys have enjoyed the concert! hee.. the eggs so cute.. dun feel like eating them! hhaa.. wing, as usual, was a little lagged.. haha.. but the time she was to come in with the rest, the first bell sounded..

Second half came and go as swift as a gust of wind.. haaa.. Love all those pop and light pieces. They definitely helped in bringing the concert to greater heights~Luckily my Sky High remained high after Disco Party III.. I was so worried that my lousy lips will die and bring down the sky.. phew~~ heehee.. Let's Swing was dreamy.. haha.. but it was fun, as in, i was totally into it that i didnt really know what went on.. oopz.. was that good? haha.. nvm...

The concert came to an end.. but my excitment and mood just kept rising.. i was even more overwhelmed when i went out to meet wing, alexis and fabian! Cos, other than the 3 of them, i saw Daniel! wahahah.. another pleasant surprise that made me so happy.. hhaha.. A Really big thank you for coming yea? *hug hug* see you guys tmr!

Other than all mentioned above, of cos i was glad to see beng,shu hui and wenwei.. ade, where art thou! i missed you! thanks for the lao po bing and pineapple cookies! nice nice! haa.. Didnt manage to see jinzhan too.. A note to ah lai, thanks for the effort to make the flowers ah..stylo but they didnt last long..nonetheless, it is the thought that counts! =) Dear kailin, thanks for the flower and letter ya? muacks~

Too much more to be said.. With all these excitement and happiness.. there was more to be expected from me was all that i can say. I know i was not up to expectation, but ya, dun expect too much from me is all i can say?Sound really loser but ya, it is that much that i have tried and gave. Maybe more could have been done, but nvm, all's over.

Love Sparks 4, love section, love all who has supported and helped me all this while. *big hug* nitey.. it is 4.12am now. Time to ZZzzzzzzzzz.. tmr still have to wake up for tution! woshhh~~ hahha. nitez!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Dedicated to you-know-who

hEY.. dunno if you will come to read my blog this time round, but i am dedicating this entry to u for sharing that jing bao news with me on the eve of christmas eve! haa.. hope you know who you are cos you said u dun want your name to be mentioned this time round. I m not going to say that u r shuai or cool or anything to lie to you.. but ya.. i am happy for you! hahaa.. and i am hope i was of some help though i dun think i really helped much. Anyway.. congrats! hahaha.. happy for you! haaaa.. leave me a tag if you read this k, you-know-who.. hahah.. I somehow feel that i shd have left much earlier, cos things did not seem to turn out the way it should be.. but i seriously apologise for any unhappiness resulted due to me k? hope to see you soon and have a Merry christmas!
P.s. dun ask me who is you-know-who, cos no one else is supposed to know other than the 2 of us.. haahaha.. sorry but ya.. nothing too juicy to share too.

For all my dear friends.
Merry Christmas to all out there.. a really quiet christmas for me this year.. but i am glad to have my friends with me all this while. yeah! Silence is bliss too. May all of them have a pleasant new year and a smooth 2006 with their wishes granted. For those attached, may u guys have everlasting and sweet love ahead.. for those singles, dun worry, love will start knocking on ur door in the coming 2006.. hahaa..All the best!

Friday, December 23, 2005

...... ...

Why cant i be more firm and assertive? Guess i need to be , if not, my point will not get across. Argh. Though the holidays are ending soon, I am not really that sad as i am pretty optimistic about the new year. Cannot really explain why, but ya, simply happy. haha..

Met Cheecheemon and gang yesterday. Though a pretty short meeting, it was a nice one as it had been a long time since we gather. Seeing them, i can't help but miss my piglet cos she is our kai xin guo in the group--"piglet, i miss you!"

My 1000 pieces jigsaw is on its way to completion.. haahaa. hopefully i can get it done before the new school term.. cos if not, i will have no space on my table! muahahaa..

Sparks 4 is coming... pretty excited and i am happy that tickets sales are moving! haha.. yeah! hopefully all will turn out well and we will not give ms chan too big a heart attack. hee. To all those who are reading this, if you have not bought the tickets, msg me k? hahaa.. i will reserve tickets for u! Hope to see those who can make it.. =)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

hOLs are ending..

Went to Sentosa on Mon with my section. This is a different section from the one i usually hangs out with. This section is made up of my little juniors and i m the oldest in the crowd! How great a consolation that is for someone turning 20! Gosh.. hanging around with them just made me feels so old.. gosh.. cant stand it. Luckily i had Vicky, who managed to make me feel more at ease.. whahhaa.. No matter where we go, be it the bus stop, walking home, playing by the beach, Vicky and i will be following behind them.. and for the things they do(other than playing beach volley), we will watch them and kind of look out for them-- so much so i feel like a nanny! alamak.. Really cant hang out with them for too long as i will not remain sane. Anyway, i was there for xinran and weiran, who will be leaving Singapore to further studies in Canada at the end of thi month.. thinking that it is the first time they are inviting us for a section outing, i bangsei my classmate and went out with a bunch of kids. woah. One thing to note was that xinran and weiran have also outgrown the kiddy stage and i was glad to be able to catch up with them =) Hope that they will have an enriching time there... Bon voyage, twins!

Mum is finally back from malaysia.. missed her..hahah.. though she was only back for a few days to look after garandma, things were kind of different.. i was so tired out.. haha.. not that i did a lot of housework, but the fact that i need to do the washing and basic maintenance of daily household chores over and above my out-of-house committments is a little hectic. Can totally understand and really admire the formidability of how my mum manage her work and household at the same time.. zai! ahha..was really relieved to hear that grandma is eating and sleeping well nowadays as happiness is the cure to all illness.. as long as she is happy, life will pass by faster and easier~ cant wait to see her back on her feet again =)

haha.. received a long distance call from our beloved and 'wanted' Mr ang.. hahaa.. So responsible and nice of him to actually call just to check and see if everything is going on fine at the tuition center.. No wonder the kids like him so much.. i was so happy to hear from him that for a moment, i thought he was back in Singapore. haha..So envious that it is actually snowing over there and he had conquered mount cook already! Gosh! so zai.. haa..see ya back soon! semester..
Finally out.. at least the results are much better than what i have expected.. think it always help to be prepared for the worst as the happiness resulted from better outcome is hence greater. wahaha.. Hopefully next sem will be better especially since the modules are supposedly more manageable. Keeping my fingers cross.. MOre are coming in for the next sem, and i guess it is time to get my priorities right once again. i have already decided certain stuff and actions that are going to affect some people.. i m sorry but i sincerely hope to get those involved to respect my choice and decision. Taking up new challenges and letting go of some is a must..

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
This is one of the rare years that i do not have the mood and feel for christmas.. that kind of means i feel tired mentally, i m getting old too..that sounds really bad but fairly true. I have not taken the initiative to organise any christmas gathering but luckily, my pals have all been so nice and spontaneous to organise gatherings that i can attend with no fear of regret over the new year.. haa.. Cant wait to meet up with u guys! A merry christmas and a happy new year to all~

Friday, December 16, 2005


Kinda lost and don't know how to move on. Interpersonal relationships can be puzzling and hard to handle sometimes. I will not say that i have super good EQ.. but i can say, somebody just don't have it. Really don't know what i can do anymore. I am not feeling helpless, just that things are just not happening the way it should be. I can't bring myself to say that i am not going to bother anymore, but still, there is this lingering thought for me to say goodbye. alamak. I think we need to talk. Nvm

He is coming back again. Can't stand it. I don't want to be unfriendly, and at the same time i am trying hard not to give any wrong impression. All i can say is that every line that i typed or said, was typed with a tinge of disgust, especially when he becomes too friendly. Gosh, aren't i hypocritical? Cant stand it. But just dun want him to think that i am avoiding. But oh please, don't you find it weird to act shou again after so long? Gosh. wake up! Yea, please continue to think that i am busy. Argh.

Can things be spaced out evenly?Please dun let all good/bad things come together.. as i am not too sure how much can this seemingly strong me take. ha. tired.. shall sleep now.

Friday, December 09, 2005


mOUnt oPhIR
Disapointment. What a word to start commenting on a trip right? I went on the trip with great anticipation, hoping to reach the summit and enjoy the scenery from the mountain top. But, due to the large group size the time we took to scale the mountain is dragged and prolonged. At that rate of scaling, we were unable to reach the summit at the targetted time and get down before dusk. In the end, we ended up scaling only half the mountain,descending earlier than expected. Sigh.. the whole purpose of the trip was defeated. Who to blame??? Mainly the planning com, partly the physical strength of the members. Not everyone will have the same physical strength, that is something to be anticipated by the trip i/c, as such, group size should be kept small so that it is easier and more safe to travel as well. Smaller group is definitely easier to handle and the higher the chance of conquering the mountain. But, from the maximum pax of 18 people, it was increased to 27, almost up by 10 people. Technically speaking, this group is too big. Frankly speaking, if this big group consist of fun and interactive people, things would not have been that bad. But, it is just our luck to get a clique-ish lot who does not seem too wiling to mingle around other than be with their own group of friends. The leader also made no attempt to break the ice, niether did he ask for a buddy system to ensure the safety of his participants. Call himself a leader, call himself an i/c. Lousy is what i have to say to him. Though i have no experience leading a group of people on an overseas trip, some of the bear minimum that should have been done was just not quite there. Will u leave an injured participant alone to the care of a guide to bring her downhill and leave her all alone there while the rest of the members scale the mountain? Not to say that i do not trust the guide, but, who knows what will happen to her? Even after she is brought safely to our base camp, she is there to be alone in the wild for the rest of the 6 to 7 hours. Moreover, it is her first attempt on such a trip.
Anyway, the trip was not such a gone case when these unhappiness graudually pushed the non-clique-ish people together. And due to this, we made new friends and had a lot of fun on our own. I turned out to be the "rebellious" lot in the trip, but it is simply no point sticking to a half-hearted i/c leaving most of the task of leading to his counterpart while he enjoys his small honeymoon and unfair share of authority. bleahhhhh..Got to know a bunch of nice and really cute people..they include Libin,Pangren,Richard,bert and yenleng..Frank and jovial is what i like about them. At the end of the 2nd day, the 5 of them, together with me and fang, ended up booking a resort room, had our heavenly toilet and bed, leaving the wild and the natural to the group of anti-socials.. To be fair to all, not all of them are that anti-social, but all i can say is that they do influence one another and in general, they just send a negative signal to stop me from being friendly. Grrr..
Nonetheless, the last one and a half days were fun because of the new friends fang and i had made. We sang, ate and crapped our way..Under the guidance of bert, we left the group at larkin terminal and headed for our own seafood feast! muhahaha.. yum yum.. it is so nice.. the stingray, the sambal sotong, the he bo..whahaha..
Reached home at 1142 there about finally. Not to think about the disappointments, i have enjoyed holiday! Though a twist from what i have initially expected.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nothing can describe the aching pain

She is not getting any better. Now is almost close to being bed-ridden. She has also shrank so much since the last time i saw her. The once healthy looking and beautiful granny looks so different. She greeted me saying,"ailin, wai po is no longer the wai po u knew le" Looking at her made my eyes watery, i did not even want to stay in the room with her though i know i should keep her company. Her health is still in good condition.. just that after 2 falls, her legs have weakened and i guess she has got a fear to walk on her own again. She is 84 already, cannot blame her for that actually. I can really feel that she is lonely- how can she not be when she is to stay in the room alone most of the time? My cousins and relatives cant be by her bedside 24-7 a day as they have got their lives to live also. I have also witnessed the care and concern showered to her over these months. However, there are bound to be problems staying together under one roof, no matter how close they are to each other. Being more like a visitor on my part, i can somehow feel the frustrations, irrtation, weariness from one side as well as the loneliness, the cry for attention and need for companion from the other. What can this long distance-Singaporean grand-daughter do?? Talk to her and try to make her happier with the short time i have with her. And yet, i didnt stay with her for long, cos looking at her, i just cant bring myself to smile, not to say try to cheer her up- no matter how much i want to. Can sense that she is trying to keep us by her side. Can also sense her boredom lying on the bed most of the time. I have tried to coax her to let me piggy-back her to move around the house, to bring her downstairs to the living room, to get her out of that room but she just cant overcome her fear. i feel so helpless.. She definitely needs attention and patience to bring her back on her feet, but who can do it? I can sense my relatives losing their patience.. it really really takes a lot of effort to look after an elderly. One day experience on my mum's part has proven so already. The thing that ached my heart most is when she asked me, "ailin, will i get better?", "ailin, i have such a bad life,i can do nothing but depend on people for everything and lie here all day till my death" She was so pessimistic that i went speechless and felt utterly useless sitting beside her. All i can do was to sit by her and listen to her. Mum is feeling no better.. there are just so many things for her to think and worry. ah! Guess it is really true to say that elderly are just like kids who needs the attention and care. BUt it doesnt really seem like an easy to understand point as kids are usually treated as treasures while elderly are burdens. If the care and attention given to kids can be given to grandparents equally, things will certainly be better. All i can say is no one is at fault, but a better plan is definitely needed to take care of this treasure.
i miss her.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My holidays

One more month to go before my holidays end..muahahha...
Pretty excited about my ophir trip next week, hope i have the stamina to endure till the summit.. heheh..Lacks exercise but i shall try my best!!
Finally started on the 1000 pieces teddy puzzle that had been resting in my cupboard.
Should say teddies, their fur are mostly brown, but different shades..challenging but i like it.. hahah.. that's the point of fixing a jigsaw, the fun and satisfaction of piecing everything together.. =p
Next up will be to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire..i supposed the crowd has cleared.
Now is to find the time to watch with ah fang. woohooo~~
Will be relieving qw's tuition classes soon..
feeling abit excited and yet abit scare of what is awaiting me..
Cant help but get the feeling that i cant get away from tuition. Ha.
Was considering giving up my own tuitees to find another long term part time job, starting this dec and yet, i am taking up another tuition job, Hai..
i just can't bring myself to give up--both on them and on myself.
New resolution for 2006- "be a better tutor"
This is said easier than done.
They are getting out of hand, and my time is like getting shorter. Grrr..
Patience is definitely needed. Phew..
Noise level going up but grades going down..
Guess they are getting too comfy with me..
New techniques needed.
Shopping trips are to be backed up financially.
I should be more thrifty.
Should try harder.
But the things out there are simply too attractive and distracting.
tsk tsk.
*shake head*
30th Dec.730pm.Victoria Concert Hall.Sparks 4!
Calling all concert goers and my dear frens..
Come and watch this concert by Yuhua and River Valley Combined Alumni band!!
Do show ur support as the alumni are burning their weekends to practise!!
It will be a GOOD show! Definitely..
cos.. i m one of the players..haah..just kidding..i m not that good..
pOP and light pieces will be played.
That means, u wun fall asleep as the pieces will be familiar and pleasant to your ears..
Do not belittle yourself by saying that u cant appreciate music.. this concert will prove you wrong! Guess i'll make a good promoter. Contact me for tix k??
Please give support!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

post exams

Exams finally over. Glad, happy,elated,relieved,freed..whatever that is positive.. never felt so deprived before.. too much of liberty and unrestraint life the past half of the year must be the reason for my sickness towards a routine and mandane studying period. Seriously never felt so deprived of free time before..My concentrating span is definitely lower, keen-ness to study is definitely not there even though there was a need to. Worse still, when i was supposedly studying, i did not seem to be absorbing. Anyway, everything is over now.. i have tried my best.. or rather.. gave my best attempt to do what i can..and now, it is time to relax and at the same time, think of how to pull up my grades in the next sem..thats it.. moving on to my holidays..

Watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" today. a really nice and thought provoking show i must say. It makes you think twice about religions and faith, science and emotions. The trial scenes reminded me of "To Kill A Mockingbird" when issues regarding race, religions and prejudice are put on trial. Though the two stories are different in their plots, one thing that ties the both together is the conflict and contradiction between impartial justice and the beliefs, emotions and judgements that cannot be explained by only facts and proof. How to you prove sympathy, love or feelings for someone? How could one explained the presence of supernaturals unless they have personal experience with it? Subjectivity and possibilities are the main concerns that make the verdict a dilemma. In the case of Emily Rose, it is the conflict between the belief, possibilities and scientific facts that make the whole issue controvercial. Facts, no matter how true, leaves no room for possibilities and uncertainties. And how useful are facts in the ever-changing, you-never-know-what-will-happen-tomorrow's world?

Kind of affected by the movie.. convinced, not by either side but both of them. The facts do have their point, the beliefs are supported too..I always believe that religions are highly subjective and controvercial..because they have many implications and effects. Be it the devotes, or any other believers or non and for Emily Rose, it was her life at stake. Based on a true story, the reality hit me pretty hard and I do not know how to describe my feelings now, there is a tinge of sadness, and at the same time, pain and fear. I wonder how much of the show is based on truth but it is definitely a show worthy of our time, i should say. Being a believer of possibilities, anything can happen in this world, no matter how absurd it might seem to be..Catch it if you can, but there are certain parts that are pretty tramatising and freaky that i jumped and hid behind my jacket.haas

Friday, November 11, 2005


Sinking deeper..

Saturday, October 29, 2005


now i finally experience the peak that chang loong once commented about uni life.. bloody peak!~ but how come i never seem to experience the trough?? that seems really unbalanced yea?? weird. why is it always my batch to experience the new stufF?? first was pw.. now is the gpa system where everything under the big big sun has got to count. No time to breathe. Done with projects, now is exams. think my batch is really super if we think back on the things we have done for the pass three months. Phew.. more oxygen is definitely needed.. and i am kind of balding?? haha.. cant help but be exaggerating here.. i want time to do things i like!! alamak.. that brings me to my point of whether i m in the right course for myself. though a bit too late now.. i am keeping my finger cross about next sem. I feel that i have worked hard, if not at least more effort and time than others around.. but the results i m getting is just not equal the effort put in.. this is kind of or rather very irritating and frustrating.. i am feeling really tired and demoralised.. effort put in, no results.. might as well not do anything right??? but still.. i cant put it down. irritated... just hope that i can pass all modules.. so that i can at least still get my honours. saviour needed!! i tried to think of what went wrong, then there are 3 conclusions.. 1. i am getting more stupid. 2. i m not suitable for business at all and 3. these modules are not my area of knowledge.. in fact, very far indeed. everything is new and super new... concepts, facts, techniques..
i miss band prac. i want hols!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wait Till You Grow Old

Watched this show finally.. though a pretty common plot, the twist towards the end surprised me and the ending touched me alot. It has been ages since i cried watching a show/movie. Though there are parts that are unrealistic, the moral behind the story is pretty true and close to heart.. like the movie =) It just reminds us to live life to the fullest no matter how little time or energy we have.. never regret today or give up on tomorrow.. rather motivational.. heehee.. Another thought that i brought home from the show is that.. things on the surface might not be the things that are true.. What we see and know might not be the right and the one to be believed.. this dawns on me because i am one who tend to believe things and take things at face value.. seldom take effort to think twice and deeper.. and now.. i think indifferently! haha..
Anyway.. happy birthday, Ms Chan! hahah.. dun think i will be back this sat.. intensive mugging got to start tmr!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Nothing can really cheer me up nowadays..people around me are simply disappointing.. all only care for themselves.. irritation. Guess everyone is made even moodier by the never-seem-to-be-ending projects.. gosh.. exams are three weeks away and we are still struggling with projects?!? What is this? To date, in a short time span of about 3 months, we have done a total of ten projects.. with only 2 ungraded.. guess it is a pretty shocking number when we calculate the total number of projects we will deal with annually.. gosh..think now is really tht time when the going gets tough..what's more... if i fail any modules this sem, or rather any sem, i will NOT get my direct honours.. my hair is practically standing whenever i think of this.. dying of suffocation..

I need a break. nitez.

my cough is not helping at all.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


i just dunno why, but i am seriously getting more and more skeptical with things and people around me.. whatever that happens, i can no longer trust or choose to believe like what i use to do in the past anymore. Uni life simply made me see more kinds of people.. good or bad up to one to judge.. i just keep telling myself to be less trusting.. and this doesnt make me feel good at all.. anyway.. ya.. pretty disillusioned.

Please do not take anyone around you for granted.. people always tend to treasure friends whom we meet less frequent..although that is inevitable.. but that does not give an excuse to take people around you for granted. .sometimes, just a remark or sign of concern can mean alot.. really alot.. silence is not always golden.. i seriously think that anyone, no matter how strong, how iron- fisted or how independent.. will have a soft and vulnerable side where love, care and concern needs to be showered.. Everyone has got emotions..a soft pad on the shoulder or a hug can really make someone's day..sigh....

Really tired.. cant wait for the term to end and have my holidays.. but before that, i seriously hope that my projects can be done really quickly so that i will have time to study.. really do not wish to repeat any modules... sos!! i need time to study!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

( '-' )

"If you want something, you cant afford to be passive!"

This is a line that i come up with recently and has started to like it as the days go by. It serves as a form of motivation for me to work hard and strive towards my goal. Ya.. that brings me to what is my goal.. to get into my choice of specialisation at the end of my first year? Every other thing is on hold? ya.. i think so. Played tarot cards with wee,xinru,mei and vicky yesterday.. guess the analysis is pretty accurate.. at least i can draw the links and see them together.. intuition,blockage,self-sacrificial,merciful,decisive,prosperity... Pretty interesting i must say.. shall play it again! heehee

I am finally back on track and in control of my life once again.. after so many things that happen in the past few months.. plus the jump and adjustment i have got to make to adapt to uni life.. i have settled down.. finally. ha. Guess the things that happened were not really that GREAT and unmanageable..just that everything seem so crammed and tied together that i didnt have a breathing place to think, to react and do what i should have done. They were pretty overwhelming happening together.. glad that they are over.. i have grown to accept certain things, certain people and better understand myself.. clearer of what i want currently.. my priorities.. guess the next step will be better time management..more self enrichment? hah..

"Being single by choice and being single by nature"

is another line that i find interesting.. So what if we are single by choice or not? why should we be so bothered? Ya, i dun deny that 19 years old is a prime time to get attached and find a nice partner to taste the sweetness of love.. but still.. that is not everything ba.. i am one who seriously believe in fate to bring people together and at the same time, we have a choice to make things work out or not..anyway.. i think i am just blabbering again.. bottomline- getting attached is not the only thing in life.. good if have..nothing to lose and more time to spare if without =)-- with this mentality now.. it increase my likelihood of becoming an old spinster..hahahah

Anyway..contented with my life now.. buddies around me, good class, fantastic section, nice project mates, happy family, pretty obedient tuitees.. enough sleep and healthy body.. nothing more to ask for presently.. contentment is happiness ba?

really got nothing much to say le.. tata

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


i think everything has come to an end. Ya, i think so. i do not know if i was the one who ended it.. but guess it was the things i have done ba. The past few days have been hell.. project preparation, tuition, project again, then pia tutorials.. maybe that is how i am really like when the workaholic me is busy-- cold and unfeeling.. those around me will more or less be affected. i am sorry but i cant help it. However, i have also been thinking amidst the tight schedule, and thought that i have arrived at a conclusion.. however, the sudden coldness now is making me feel uncomfortable..fickle-minded and undecided.. selfish also..thought that i will be relieved, but, now, i find myself feeling abit sad.. hopefully i will have no regrets. Anyway, i got into the odac sub-com.. more activities. Maybe what he say is right, i am too independent, too busy..but i thought that is mostly for this week and the next only.. i believe i'll settle down soon..this is also good to a certain least we got to know what is best for us,what we want. i hope that i am just being abit too emotional here..what i have done is right. ya. right..thanks for everything.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

wats up and down

Haven been updating ever since school started. I think thats me ba. When there is work to do, my online time is naturally reduced. Anyway, i think that the things that are happening around me recently are a little bit overwhelming for me to cope altogether. First, there is school and school work to be handled. There are like so SO many presentations and things to prepare la. Due to the fact that 2 out of my 3 tutorial classes take place on monday mornings.. my sundays have just become my mugging days. So sian diao la.. every sunday night is spent doing my tutorials..sound so no life huh? Guess i shuold really start planning my time well and keep my sundays free for relaxation. Due to my super bad flu last week, things are stagnant as in, many things are left undone! gosh.. i owe my tutees more tuition sessions and that means more nites occupied and taken away.. bleah.. cant i just stop complaining? haha...

Decided to join Odac for my cca in uni again.. guess this is going to be a little different from nj oac..cos, we do not have weekly trainings!! Yeah yeah.. but that means i got to stay fit on my own to be able to cope with the activities that are to come. I went for the sub com interview yesterday.. though i dun really need the points and stuff, i just want to be part of the big family to better enrich my uni life? haha.. cos i think if we do not join any cca in uni.. life is just going to be studies and going out with frens u have already known or maybe your new classmates. that is like a routine.. so guess i am looking for something new? haha

School,cca and friends.. there are really some people whom i miss and want to meet up but time is like never enough. Phew.. And one more thing, if i didnt reply anyone's msg.. please forgive me.. cos this month my bill is going to BURST and EXPLODE like a bomb and i am going to clear up the debris my digging my own pocket.. so sorry to those i didnt reply on time.. i will try to get back to ual via other means k? so screwd. .if got anything ual want to say, tell me or ask.. feel free to call me k? help me make full use of the free incoming calls i have.. heehee..

Went out to meet frankie and marcus last sun.. i miss them so much till i saw them. Now i think i miss yj and kim more.. cos that two stupid babooons actually bullied me the whole afternoon! Haven feel so tortured and geked for a long time le.. exasperation man! nonetheless.. they are jokes that i can take and i guess these are the things that help us bond and really click! haha.. sound as if i enjoyed being bullied.. but ya..hope my point is understood. The two of them huh.. really ultimate.. never fail to amuse me with their niao-ness, frankness, cuteness and silly-ness.. haha.. love them man! better dun let them see this entry..if not they are going to say that i am siao again.. haha..this just make me realise that they nv read my blog! tsk tsk..hahha.. but that also means that i can write more bad things about them?! haha.. fang n jing, u better keep wateva u read to urself..haha..

band has also started.. and as usual.. i have got to brush up and improve on my skills more!! especially when i am the only bass player now.. gosh. all my juniors bangsei me to not play for this concert and my senior? super qiang la, jumped to first liao lo.. leave me to die! haha.. kidding la.. got to really improve.. i hope i can.. by playing only once a week.. alamak. Band is now pretty small..and i hope the year twos who have said they want to play, will come back to play after their As.. This shall really be our FULL concert man.. need everyone to make it possible!! really ah... keeping my fingers cross.. i think we can do it..

i dunno if wat i am doing the right things now.. but i really hope so. .guess doing what i feel like doing should be correct ba.. at least i will have no regrets.. haha. yup. thanks for everything.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Finally feel like writing

Read a friend's blog just now.. Motivated me to write after slacking for so long. . School has started, my supposed new life has began.One month before it actually starts, i was looking forward to it as i think i will have a more routined and fun life meeting new people. Two weeks before it starts, i start to regret wasting my time.. started to hope that i have more time to spend before school starts.. woman cant help but be contradicting sometimes huh?

Now that i am finally in school, things are really overwhelming i can say. The school is not very very big, neither is it small.. but running around can be trdious sia.. one minute i am at the north spine enjoying my terriyaki chicken don, the next i am quickening my foot steps to go to the photocopying room at south spine to print my lecture notes as the photocopying room in the north spine library was too crowded.. Before i know it, my forehead is wet.. drips of persperation ran down my cheeks.. Cant the whole school be air-conned? was what xiao hong exclaimed that amused me..

Every printing room was so so crowded la.. and my new printer only arrived today.. the past few days were pretty shitty.. being a big big computer illiterate, the high tech ntu portal was kinda a mystery sometimes.. just like today, fang and i purposefully went to school early for brunch and then print notes from the online system.. in the end, with both of us being lousy with the system and foreign to the library operations, we decided to sos and call for help. Luckily, got xiao hong to lend us notes to photocopy. Guess photocopying machine is still my favourite.. though the cons is the need for cash card.. which i dunno where to get in the big campus. . like yesterday, i first pestered my ogl for the location of a nearest photocopying room then msg him again to ask for cash card purchase and so on.. bleah.. finally got my cashcard today.

Kk.. enough grumblings.. super duper high expenditure this week.. so many things that need money, money and more money..textbooks, lecture notes, applications for this and that...pheww~~cant stand it..hope to settle down soon..

Lectures were ok till today's stats lec.. wah.. firstly.. the indian slang of the lecturer does not help..sorry but i am not being racist here.. but the dry and theoritical stats lec was really super boring and monotonous..cant understand certain parts cos it was difficult.. then the speed and the slang of the lecturer and the heaty afternoon simply combined forces and made things worse.. the two hours felt like four..yee...tutorial starts next week.. hopefully will meet nice people as i have not found anyone in the same tutorial class as me yet! Got to get separated from fang and my og biz mates le..only can be together in lectures.. keeping my fingers cross..

Thursday, July 21, 2005

consiDEr and thInk prOPerly

Can u please make up ur mind what u want? Though some things cannot be explained rationally,they still need to be sorted out ya? Maybe you are too rational and just cannot abandone your thoughts to your feelings. There is fear, there is anticipation and there are worries. One step at a time? You want to move on and maybe away. You know you need to anyway... You are scared that you got too used to it that it will be too late to say goodbye. You can sense that you are getting used to it. Days when you get nothing, you will hope for something. Days when you get something, there will be a faint smile and tinge of happiness and joy.But still, there will be period of time when you want to hold back. Are you being abit selfish here? Follow your heart is what people say. But how easy is that? Think your are a troublesome person, think much,act slow and react weird. Stupid gal. Please let all anticipation and stop wasting people's time. Leave each other alone? Time is the best pulling agent. Ya. Shall be it.
Let nature takes its course?

Monday, July 18, 2005

UOC Camp 2005

6 days 5 nights camp over in a twinkle of an eye..

Weariness was one thing and fun was another. I am really glad to have known a group of friends who are nice and fun to hang out with. Nice freshies, nice Ogls, fun activities and most importantly, the friendship i have found. Though i am not too sure whether our friendship will and can last, at least i quite like my og well as my seniors who took great care of us..

Guess this camp had exposed me to quite alot of things and people.. guess uni life is going to be a big jump for me.. hope i can really grow up soon..haha. The most exciting thing i have done will be the dive i have taken from the platforn that is 5 metres tall from the ground. i actually managed to jump into the pool successfully without experiencing much was so so scary that i could felt my heart skip a beat and dropped down the 5 metres.. phew~

Another point event worth remembering will be the wlak through the canal or rather long kang when we got to see the dirty canal and the weird scribblings on the wall.. where on earth will we get a chance to walk and explore the underground canal in singapore unless you are in the army?

I also like the last two days that we spent at changi aloha chalet.. it was so so so shiock to have a chalet of our own with four big rooms,one kitchen, one dining room, three toilets and a big living room all to ourselves.. shuang! haha

One thing that i feel numb about the camp is the need for guys and gals to get pair up almost all the time..this is so true especially when we play games..the close contact we get huh.. really makes me so paiseh and self conscious sometimes..dunno whether it is a good thing or not. One thing is that now i am not so scared of guys, but second thing will be that we are not that close to get close.. sounds funny.. but ya.. i feel as if i have been through a sdu camp..haha.. it is like a secret agenda of the uni to actually pair people up for the rest of their lives.. funny...but one good thing that i seriously feel good abt is the fact that the guys in my group are all pretty gentlemanly and are really thoughful and nice.. applause to them..haha. the gals are nice innocent cute ones.. also have pretty ones..

Another big thing that happen was the disclose of the fake freshie truth.. from day 0 of the camp onwards, there have been a fake freshman in all the groups and for my group, we were the most innocent and naive to not know this and trusted this supposed senior as real freshman and fren.. phew... to learn the fact that he is actually a senior pretending to be freshie is like a slap in the face and we felt so cheated.. gosh.. wat a joke to play la.. but luckily, the bonds made manage to diffuse all anger and exasperation that make the truth acceptanle after a while.. now, it is actually a good topic to discuss and decide to let which of us pretend as a freshie next year if we are to take over..

However, through this camp, i have found out another saddening fact about myself-- lousy at conversations and quiet when i am with a new group of friends. I am always slow to warm up and interact with new people.. stumble and fell over my words when talking to cute people..dreaming and wondering off when my frens are talking.. in the end, i became blur and not sure of what was going on. *dotz*

Anyway, hope to keep in touch with this group of friends..

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Received a call from my cousin yesterday. Calls from malaysia are usually filled with warm greetings and pleasant updates. But for yesterday, i heard a quiver in her voice- the anxiety and fear all compressed in a cool and trying-to-be calm voice. I sensed that something was not right,and she said it was regarding grandma and she wants to talk to mummy. Questions after questions start to zoom into my mind.. what happen to my dear granny who is supposed to celebrate her 84th birthday with all of us this sat? Is she alright? What is going on? I was sure that jie was not calling to ask about the celebration...wai po!!!

Due to the clash of events on the 9th of july, i was not able to go back to malaysia. Initially i was only a little guilty for not making myself available for that day and had already prepared my present for her.. now that granny has collapsed and is a little semi-conscious, i feel so guilty and unfilial. She is the only grandma i have seen and interacted since young, living far away from her is already a disincentive to treat her well.. what am i doing!!!

Now it is suddenly clear to me that the thought of losing someone dear to you is so painstaking that your heart seems to be bumping round in a moment and stopping in another. Cant take it. I am going back to malaysia with ma later. I want to see wai po.

Went for a jog just now, felt slightly better. On my way round my neighbourhood, i saw so many grannies doing their morning exercise. Every single one of them reminds me of her. She was also like them, healthy and beautiful, always wakes up early in the morning and you can see her moving round the house helping out with some light household chores. Why is life so fragile and everything so sudden? I really hope that she will be well really soon...please...

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Went for VSA camp
Rearranged most of my photos neatly in my com--next will be to develop them
Cut my hair
Cleared my room-- but it seems to be getting dirty once again..vicious cycle.. alamak
Went to Malaysia to meet Sis Coco
Met up with primary school friends
Went to alumni bbq
Went Sentosa to slack--does tanned people gets tanned more easily? i turned dark even when i stay in the shade the whole day and when the sun was out only at 1pm? gosh..
Surf the net almost everyday
Went out with mummy..
Accompanied daddy to the doc
Shopping and more shopping trips and kbox outings
idol chasing? haha..
giving tuition--what's new?
jogging..swimming--irregular..but i shall try my best!
whatelse? hmmm..
Hmm..after breaking from work since the 13th.. i think it is time for me to reflect on what i have done these weeks so as to better gauge if i am really wasting my youth away..haha. looks like i am not fully maximising my time.. and the things that i want to do are not all done..shall swear to come online less and do more constructive things..
Counting down to 9th july-- a day where ALL nice and fun activities are to take place.. and for me.. i have got to choose.. why cant they be spread out more evenly since i am so free nowadays? Sian!! Cant go for VSA camp as it is going to be a whole day's activities..going to miss the kids and the befrienders..not going for the oac elections cos i am giving tuition in the afternoon..cant go back to grandma's birthday celebration since i have spent money preparing myself to go for EG's concert at the National Indoor Stadium..sorry wai po, wo ren mei dao,dan shi wo de zhu fu he li wu dou hui dao.. and i shall be going for the alumni meeting in the afternoon at yuhua.. hopefully will get to see all if not most of the alumni..

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Just another day

Okie.. i only have 1o mins to type whatever i have to say,cos i will have to pass on to mu younger brother.

Ever since i have quitted from nyp,there is only one word to describe my life--- SLACK. Maybe another word to describe my attitude-- Lazy. I can simply sit down on my bed and stone for as long as half an hour. Record high sia! I do not know why, earlier on this week was a bit of hell..though i should be enjoying myself slacking, i do not know why, but i was ultra moody. Did not feel like doing anything at all. Seriously nothing gets my attention.


It was only these two days that i start to have the mood to go out. I knew i have to, before i go mad. I do not know what was bothering me,but i seriously did not feel good. Now i know how people sink into depression..haha.. for no reason sometimes. Luckily i ran away..from whatever i was unhappy about..


Happy to actually meet up with my ex-colleagues. Watched A lot like love.. a pretty good movie.Felt abit stupid as i was initially against watching this movie.. sorry peeps.. haha.. it was not bad! i enjoyed the show! =)

Maybe due to my short-temperness these days and with the prejudice against her, i openly declared my piss-off-ness today. guess i have never really liked her in the first place, and today, she stepped on my toes. though she can be nice, that is only sometimes.. yup.. shall not bitch anymore.. enough.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Hmm.. what kind of a person am i? What kind of first impression did i give people who just know me. I am seriously thinking about this issue these few days. It is not that i am very very bothered about how others look at me, but at least, the impression they got of me is important for me to know what signals i am sending out. And whether i realise that i am actually doing so.

Being easy-going is something i start to hate about myself. I realise that when i take the neutral stand for too long a period, i am being taken for granted gradually. And now, i have problems speaking up sometimes. Silence definitely does not mean consent for me now. Maybe it is time that i start to be more assertive, not in the sense of being demanding, but more of getting my point, what i believe across to whomever it concerns. I also don't know when does this pretty submissve nature starts to develop in me. As compared to the Ailin 7 years ago.. there is such a big disparity! Oh gosh..can i be in between? Maybe i should try..starting from today. It is alright to be easy-going, but, not too easy-going!

Whenever we do things, should we always follow our heart? Should we do whatever we feel like doing whenever we want? Even when it might be an impulse? Guess it might be good if i don't think so much.

Hope to see you again.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Holidays are here..finally

Friday,20th jun, marks the start of my holiday!!haha..Quited from my nyp job on monday and went to volunteer my service for the disabled kids. Though it is a really tired three days..all the befreinders get our share of happiness and joy that simply words cant describe.
Very Special Arts- Tropicana Camp 2005
All the befrienders and camp crew met on monday afternoon. We played some simple ice breaker games to know each other better. I was in octopus and my team-mates consists of Su,Zaki,Guofeng,YiRu,WeiShan and PeiQi.. They are either current or ex nyp students,or smu/nie of my age! haha.. Really glad to know them.. But it was a pretty embarrassing start for me during the ice-breaker because we were supposed to carry people and get carried by people to go over to the other side of the hall before we can do the activities.. and so..being the tallest and i supposed biggest gal in the team,i felt so self conscious and really scared to burdened any of my team-mates..just as i was worrying..i was approached by one of my team-mate to be piggy-back! Oh gosh! It was like how many years ago since i was piggy-backed..So paiseh!!!!i hesitated but after some consideration and with some assurance,i decided to give it a try..In the end, the 2 of us went on a trial run before anyone else..and that's when the attention was on us! All befrienders saw me being piggy-backed! so so paiseh..nonetheless, i was really thankful to my fren who offered his help.. =)
Other than feeling lucky for what i am and have today,i really really do not know how to describe my feelings towards the kids i met. Jing Kang left the deepest impression among the other kids simply because he showed the most progress in the three days..being one of the kids diagnosed with down syndrome,he changed from someone who was scared of the crowd and befrienders to one who grew attached to us and was willing to be carried by us when we were not the direct befriender assigned to him.
Being a totally normal person, i admit that we will tend to look at these kids from another angle,thinking that there are alot of things that they do not know,will not know or need not know..This camp was really an eye opener for me to get a step closer to their world, to understand the fact that many of them are actually just like us, with only one small element missing/extra in them that result in who they are today. At first, i was still quite apprehensive as to how am i going to handle the kids, but after the camp, i declare that they are not that tough to handle and i love them!! haha..they are really nice and innocent kids who really need our attention and time. To some of us, it might just be a cip camp that helps to clock cip hours, but to them, it was a fun-filled camp that added spices to their lives..i am glad to have went for the camp.
Joel, being the most active in octopus, is one that i love and hate at the same time. He is as stubborn as a mule, but when a need arises, he rise up to the occasion to be a helpful and sensible boy. He brought laughter for most of us. A really cute boy who has
Sarah,other than being abit dreamy sometimes, is a really nice companion and kid to look after. Ever so obedient and soft-spoken. You have got to get closer to her by talking more to her before she will actually open up to you. Her gentleness and innocence really attracts me..
Sammuel, though not from my team, is another cutie who ask me this when i carried him..
"Are you a girl? i like to be with girls"
I really laughed my head off when i heard that.. maybe that explains why he did not gave me much problems during the short time frame i spent with him.
Alana, the girl whom i was taking care of most of the time, is another smart girl who grasp new ideas and concepts really fast. Other than her disability to walk, she is just like any other children we have to talk and chat with me freely about anything..enjoyed her company and hope she too..
It is going to be never ending if i continue down the short, i have gained alot from this camp and the kids have really touched my heart..
May i wish that all baby octopus grow up fast and healthy.. and may all the big octopus take care and keep in touch! Really nice to meet you guys.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Yep, today is my last day of work... last day to be blogging using this com.. think i'll miss my nice collegues who helped me throughout this half a year here.. miss them for the fun and games we have created and made using our creative methods. Good luck to all and hope this leaving will not mark a stop to our friendship. take care!

Sparks 3!

i jumped out of my bad this morning just to get to work for my last half day. Guess this lethargy and laziness are just part and parcel of the post concert syndrome..though everything had come to a beautiful ending..all was just like a dream to me..i am dying of exhaustion..but with great happiness..ironic, but ya, i am still feeling quite "high".

Before i can feel the time ticking away, it was our turn to go up on stage and tune..the crowd was warm and spontaneous...this simply increase the excitment that was already inside me way before the concert. Smses also kept coming in..really touched by those friends who cant make it but still bother and remember to msg their well wishes :)

So glad that everything went well. From the rehearsal to the actual performance, there was this burning excitement that cant be expressed.. i felt excited that our concert was finally here. Excited that my parents were coming to watch my performance after so many years. Excited that my friends and juniors were coming. Excited that what we have practised are to be played correctly and together. Excited that i want to ensure that everything around me is carried out smoothly. Excited to help all members in whichever way i can. Excited to see ms chan's reaction when she got the presents from us.

Got on the stage finally. The crowd was good.. cos they never fail to heighten my emotions further.. Think the excitment and nervousness got over me..and my bell was somehow blocking my score and everything was so dreamy suddenly. In the end, i ended up as a peeping tom peeping at xinru's score instead of the file i was sharing with xinran. Haha.. felt funny. The alumni concert was well received and i am really really proud of all members.. with special thanks to all the soloists! They rock! They played a major role in bringing the concert to greater heights and moving the crowd to sway with the music. Job well done! =)

Everything ended really quickly..i did not want to get off stage though i knew i have too.. never did i ever realise that i like to perform so much. The satisfaction gained from playing with a good band is really gratifying..Being under the baton of an outstanding conductor is also really rewarding..i love u,alumni band!

All of us reported back to yuhua and watched our own performace's video...satisfied..but i'll still be patiently waiting for the recording that will definitely sound better and clearer..Met up with the rest of the section to go to our usual place for dinner. Really appreciate my section who came all the way to yuhua to wait for us..happy! As usual.. it was a bubbly session and a big family gathering..the kopi tiam trip was more hilarious than our usual ones due to the emergence of a kopi gia in the section.."ah lai" was the phrase of the day.. really funny.. even till now, the line and the many incidents that were associated with the "ah lai, sio", are still fresh in my head. Amused.

Think i am going to miss felix and wenwei if we are to have the next concert. They are really nice and interesting people to have in our section. Felix is talented and crazy.. wenwei is crappy and nice to talk to.. enjoy their company.. and of course, i still have dear xinru ad sin pei..the two who are always there for for the twins.. they have been great juniors too.. only for the fact that they never join us for dinner-- anti-social!

Through sparks 3, i got a chance to know more people and to understand those i have already known better. Found myself a sister! haha.. kai lin! A really nice and cute sister. Bubbly and spontaneous in helping out and doing things. Enjoyed her company alot especiallly during the two shopping trips we had.. thanks sister! Xinran- a really sensible and nice junior to play my pieces with. Straight-forward and cute.. guess girls same age as him or younger might be falling heads and heels over him..haha..have been working with azri and nasser..not to say sin pei and bella..great people who gave me new perspectives about being leaders and functioning of things. Think i am in love with being in the band.. yupz..

Hope to hear good news soon.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sore throat! it is coming back-to and fro..making me sick and irritated.
I have been drinking alot of water..guess i need to sleep more..
back to my usual belief-
sleeping is the best medicine most illness

ya ya,action speaks louder than words..
u need sleep then u sleep!

never mind

My mind is not really working. I am tired.. ah! Shall stop grumbling.

Hope that by the next entry, i am feeling better.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Wanted to blog.. then a call came in and he pissed me off..rude,uncivilised,illiterate and most importantly,stubborn,rigid and arrogant. in short, an idioit. Please dun dun dun ever let me answer his call again. He managed to push me to my peak in this 6 months. i am on the verge of tearing, but i am not going to cry just like that. Old bore!

I'm counting down to the final day of my work. Due to the pack schedule i am currently having, i am seriously yearning for a break. Seriously, a break where i can stay at home for just one day, without having anything to do specifically. Though i have always wanted a fulfilled and organised life,i am starting to get tired. Maybe it is due to the hot weather that is making me weak and easily tired and that is the reason for this weariness. I have this strong desire for freedom! Free from everything and anything..Sounds really deprived, but ya,i need it.

I think i am getting back to the times when i get emotional and sensitive. Little things can affect my mood drastically. Little things can make me think,ponder and wonder. Little things can help me remisce. Little things can cheer me up. Little things can upset me. Little things can change me..

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Only a small group of us

a big room with blasting air con..

cold and lethargic

it just seem so empty and

the slow moving clock is not helping!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Heyo!! Rv and Yuhua combined alumni band will be having a concert on 12th June 2005, 5pm at Victoria Concert Hall. Those who are free and feel like giving me support, please come ok? Those who can appreciate band music, must come to support as we are really practising hard to give the best for this shot..For those who do not understand or think that you can't appreciate band music, must also come.. is a universal language and i am sure u will have a pleasant evening listening to what we have to, in short, this is a concert not to be missed as a bonus added to this will be the fact that i am performing!! haha..really hope to see friends turning up yea? Tickets are at $12 and $15..Should be pretty affordable for those who are working.. so, please answer to my call and come for the concert k? Hundred and one thanks to all.. Feel free to contact me any time for ticket order!


Dun talk to me today. i might just step on your toes. Leave me alone.. reaching my limit.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

rainy rainy

It is such a cold and rainy morning. The sky was completely dark and gloomy when i woke up- such a sad morning. I thought it was 6 in the morning that i collapsed onto my bed again..till my mum came in to wake me up again..only to find me sleep-talking haha.. i thought i was conscious, but to my surprise, i was semi-conscious as i talked rubbishly..haha..
It is wednesday today--mid-week. By the mid of next month, i will be totally free- free from everything- free from work, free from tuition, free from band practice since we will be taking a short break. Wah, can see i am really going to be free! hahahhaha.. happy and also sad at the same time. Think i will slack..enjoy my last month before school starts by settling some stuff, some thoughts and move on to embrace the next phrase of my life. Shall really take time off to do the things i have been putting off--before everything is too late.. Think i shall take up some part time job in the meantime in order to support my living in the last month before school starts. Shall look for some jobs taht i have never done before, try new things and new environments if i can find.
I miss you-- this "you" is not you but you..not only him but also her..haha, i am trying to be stupid here..i miss school life, i miss times spent with frens in school! Guess i will miss work once school starts.. woman!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

in A dAZe THRouGHOut

Phew, the long weekend flew pass just like that.. i lost track of time and date and day during long weekends. When it is saturday, i will think that it is sunday. And when it is sunday, i will think that it is saturday and there is still time to spend fruitfully..bleah.. blur blur.
Went to RJCO concert to support yj. Realise that for the first time, i am appreciating CO music.haha. Like the string instruments and the er hu soloist really impressed me! zai! In the past, iu have always find CO music loud and there is nothing more than mere loudness and wa wa suo na sounds. Apologises if i am offending anyone, but that was really how i felt in the past. At least for now, i like the string instruments.. nice nice! Went to j8 for dinner at 1130pm and met alexis and daniel who were there to watch star wars III..wanted to watch with them.. but, got to go home especially for the sake that i have a sleepover the next day. Cant be staying out the whole weekends..if not i will be slaughtered! haha
Saturday morning was relaxed without having to give tuition before rushing for band in the afternoon. My slacked morning was disrupted by weizhi( a 14 months old baby) who pinched me awoke at 930am when i slept at 2am on friday..Grrrr.. though tired and disturbed, my unhappiness melted the moment i saw the innocent and cute grin on his face.. he is soooooooo cute! haha..he is my mum's collegue's darling..haha..spent my whole morning with him.. guess we enjoyed each other's company.. so much so that when i went to bath, he started crying out loud.. scare me! (-_-''') In the end, my bath was done in a rush.. with constant shoutings "weizhi,jie jie is here..hush hush.."realise that it can be quite a big headache when babies become attached to you. Nonetheless, he is so so so ke ai! I feel so relaxed and innocent under his influence..hehe
i supposed this intensive band practices are helping me catch up with my long lost skills..good good. at least i do not feel so demoralised after practices these days..yay! With the great guidance of felix, i feel much better playing,individually as well as as a section.. he is so zai! hehe. i really hope that things will turn out smoothly.. jia you band!!!
Met yvonne and wing at serangoon to ton over at yvonne's place. And with this outing, i have come out with the conclusion that yvonne can overthrow wing to be the chairman of sotong sec! haha. Due to last minute crop outs,only me and wing turned up and waited for yvonne at serangoon station at 8pm...waited and waited then our new sotong head messaged to ask us to leave the station via exit c.. obediently, wing and i walked to the bus stop at exit c and waited..then she called to ask where were we as she could not see us anywhere.. and right, we were waiting at different bus stops.. then we heard her say go to exit d as she typed the msg wrongly..feeling exasperated, we dragged ourselves over..and only to realise that she meant exit b.. fine.. then we started walking out of exit b..and ended up at a cross road where we were told to turn was just so lucky of us to be at an exit that branch into two different exits.. and the two different exits will then bring us to turn at the wrong 'right' that we were supposed to turn. All these brought about a blurry night walk around serangoon gardens on an empty stomach.Everything was then compensated by the sumptuous dinner at chomp! nice! Although only three of us, we ordered hokkien mee,fried tofu,wanton mee,stingray and three really big cups of sugar cane!! haha.. so full that we got to give up wing's craving for chicken wings..must go there again if i can!yay!! With a filled-to-the-brim tummy, we went home for a through-the-night mahjong session.. not too bad playing 3 kakis mahjong..chatted and played at the same time, feel like some taitais.. haha. K.O at around 3 plus, only to find ourselves awakened and sweating profusely as the aircon was auto switched off.
(-_-''') Other than that, i slept like a log for the remaining hours. Had a short badminton game in the think that beng had actually geked me that section had fun playing..cant really run much with my leg..but think it is on its recovery path..bleah bleah
Here comes the more exciting part of our stayover.. We went to geylang to explore in the region and find the nice food that we have always heard of. Jaime and weiting joined us in this quest. Hoping to see people we do not usually see, we were the ones ended up being seen. bloody hell.. the uncles and men there were SERIOUSLY IRRITATING! god gracious.. regretted going there.. were really being stared from head to toe... i was really, seriously disgusted by the facts of life.. *pi!*
Rushed home to dump my mahjong set before setting off to town to meet my primary school gang.. miss them! haha.. always have endless topics and gossips to share and laugh at..though tired and was experiencing hangover, meeting them somehow managed to make me alive and awake..haha.. went to marche and then took many pictures with funny poses at the youth park. First time that louis is so on about taking photos with so many funny poses.. yay! happiness..
Time always fly when we are having fun.. now that i am back in office.. time is crawling..crawling....

Friday, May 20, 2005

a PrEtTY SHOrt weEK..

Time flew pass pretty fast this week. In a twikle of an eye, the long weekend is here already!! yay! I realise that weekdays band practices are pretty exciting in the sense that people are seen rushing around..the rather busty environment makes me happy, because i see people,because i sense the urgency in all of us..a really good feeling..Haha..Though we have not perfected our pieces, i have confidence that we will do it really soon! All the way band!
A week without tuition seems so free. Just as it is a break for the kids, it is heaven for me too!Haha..
I went back to nj on wednesday with section to support shuhui's art exhibition. Though small scale in nature,i am deeply moved my shuhui's art pieces. Be it the initial muse for the art work or the subsequent completion and effort injected into the drawings, i can feel the deep emotions expressed through the drawings. "Shuhui, you have succeeded in expressing yourself! i am so proud of you.."Can see that she is really concern about and love her grandfather.
I am disappointed in him. Once again. Maybe what she said is right, he has got more flaws than strengths.sigh.
Looking forward to meet up with se shu jun and cindy..haha!

Monday, May 16, 2005


haha..having hangover after not sleeping on saturday and sleeping for only about 6hours on sunday..i am like a zombie today! god gracious..i want to sleep! haha. The chalet was short, but time was utilised to the maximum especially for me,ade,xinru and xinpei as we hung on throughtout without sleeping..haha..Had a good nice chat over the night.i cant wait for our chalet at the end of the year this kind of gatherings..girls talk,card games and heart to heart sharing.. though bai ka, my arms proved to be still useful when i played the stagnant beach volley when i was to play with minimum movement..yay! my upper body aching all over..
think i am arriving at a conclusion, finally.

Friday, May 13, 2005

thank You!!!

"hey senior..thanks for all your help and advice regarding my dilemma..really a big big thanks! Though i have yet to decide what i really want.. the talk with you really makes me think more and your advice are also useful in my consideration! hahah.. though i do not think that you will get to read this.. i must still thank you. You are really a good senior.."
And who is this good senior i am blabbering about? *ta dang* he is...
haha..after he learnt about my so called problem..
i have been receiving msges from him as he has been asking his frens who are in helpful! i am kinda touched..haha..
Weekend is round the corner again..but with my bandaged ankle,it is definitely going to hinder my movements..ah! bai ka!!!!!
i dun care, i will still go to chalet. At most i dun go into the water..bleah bleah..
Still got to go back to the sensei tmr..for a change of medicine..for more bitter medication to be consumed. .I wonder why i need to eat medicine when the injured part is my ankle..guess i was too much in pain to actually remember that i should ask them why do i need to take the bitter! Will never ask for syrup for chinese medicine again..think pills are better.
Not feeling really happy these days ..get fed up really easily.. Irritated and frustrated with the things that are happening around me. Irritating people all around. People who are ever so "disturbing" in nature. Looking at them simply gets on my nerves!! weekend..please come soon!Maybe they are not that irritating afterall..just that i am irritated.
Tears are not rolling these days.. it is not as if i like to cry..just that my tears are usually tears of laughter.. for those who knows me well, they'll know that i have active tear glands..if i laugh too whole-heartedly..tears will start exaggeration..sometimes i will even feel paiseh cos the tears just keep coming out. So, if you want to judge whether i am leading a happy life, or whether there are things bothering me, measure the amount of tears i shed! hahah.lame.
oh is FRIDAY THE 13TH! take care everybody.. for me, the day didn't start off well.. cos the LRT train was ultra packed that i was squeezed at the door for the entire trip..and due to the fact that i could not board the LRT i usually take due to the maximum capacity being reached,i missed 2 MRTs that will bring me to work! So..ultra late for work today. Hope as the day passes, things will get shopping tonight at the place where i sprained my ankle. bless me! haha.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

FEelinG vExed...

Help me!! Where should i go? i seriously think that i am bad at choosing and making a decision that will concern my future! Gosh..Really caught in between them. i like abit of this and abit of that. Guess i am simply greedy, wanting the best in the world. That's why i am feeling so vexed now as it is impossible for me to be in both of them...realised that i am blabbering on and on.. it is about uni..applied for both nus and ntu confused as to where i want to go.. bleah.. advice!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

POOooor leg

I sprained my ankle!! What duh.. Really saded and pretty amazed by the way and place i have actually fallen. Practically flew down the steps..Gosh! I feel so handicapped even though it is only the ankle--can understand how wenwei felt-- ('_' "") Just hope to be able to walk easily again..

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

PlanNIng NeedEd!!

May day coming..looking forward to the long usual..trying my best to organise my time..hopefully i will not screw things up.. frens,do bear with me..i know i am pretty greedy to want to attend almost everything..but that also means that i treasure each and every one of the group outings and want to be there =) One more event to be added to my list is the visit of my cousins from malaysia..want to spend more time hosting them but at the same time,i don't want to cancel my pre-planned activities with my friends. So, i guess i should get my cousins to join us? haha..that is only a thought.. shall see how things go.
I feel that i am treating him quite badly and rudely at ths same time..but i do not mean it,seriously. I shall try to control and hold back my tendency to show attitude. Sorry.
Though i am actually keeping a blog, my writing, or rather phrasing and typing skills do not seem to be getting better. The supposed sentence structures and correct punctuations are significantly absent at the right places. Guilty guilty...

Thursday, April 21, 2005


A call from you to share something will make my day! Whether you know it or not, thanks!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005






Indecision now..

Maybe i shouldn't think too much..

It has been what i wanted all along.. shouldn't i be elated to be selected?

Shall continue to ingulge myself in happiness..

no regrets.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Ubin outing

Mosquito bites are the aftermath and "memories" after yesterday's outing.. Hahah..guess it is the price to pay after one day of fun and heat as well. Woke up early on the cloudy sunday morning..dragged myself out of bed having to have slept only at 2am on saturday..tired tired..but excited to go ubin..guessed that gave me the strength pull myself out of bed. Reached tenah merah at 9.55am.on time! haha..Thought i would be the earliest,but who knows, the moment i stepped out of the station,i saw piglet and cheecheemon sitting on the floor at one corner..all so punctual. Soon, yili and peishan joined us, also punctually at 10am..goodie.Took a bus to the jetty and was rather disturbed by the new image of the jetty as it looks so so commercialised now,with the berth and neatly aligned entrances for the expected tourists.. sigh..really dun want the only non-urbanised singapore land to end up under the hands of urbanisation and commercialisation. Stop engulfing the natural landscapes. The new jetty has no need for boat jumping anymore..the feeling of going ubin is so different now..there are also machines around to check all bags and luggages for people coming back to mainland from ubin. Just like another custom. It simply makes me wonder if it is really inevitable for every place to catch up and improve with all technological advancements? I want ubin to stay like this..

Luckily the jetty over at ubin is still the same old jetty..haha.. much to my relief. haha. At least the change is only limited to mainland singapore. Just hope that the development shall stop there. We still boat jump at ubin jetty..haha. We went to rent bikes the moment we stepped onto the island. Guess wat,the bikes cost only $3 for the whole day! yippee.. Cycled round the island from 11am when the sun is right hot but good time for was funny to see the 5 of us panting when we were riding upslope..wonder how we endured those crazy rides around the island and how we also managed to “cheong” non-stop up and down the slopes, to and fro from one end to the other end of the island. It must be the office work and the non exercising weeks that weaken our stamina. And even more surprising is the fact that we take five every now and then, how was that possible when we were in oac? We are so slack and lousy now. *diaoz*

After pushing on for a few hours, the few of us finally set our foot at one of the seafood restaurants near the jetty. Heaven! Haha. The seafood was so fresh- the tender meat of the fish, the juicy and crispy baby squids. Yum yum. The meal was sumptuous! With a full stomach, we went to the jetty and were making our way back to mainland when I saw the weird and bored Caucasian again. The moment I see him, the first instinct is to run. It might sound funny, but trust me, he is a freak. I first met him, it as at a road junction and I nearly bum into him. He saw and then shouted “Danger oh danger!!” without paying much attention to him, I slowed down and dismissed the whole incident. But who knows, we just kept meeting him around the island and he made funny noises and comments—mostly to the air particles around him. That made him a freak that is pretty scary. He was like a soul loitering around the island making funny noises. The ultimate thing is that when we were waiting at the jetty, he came to the jetty too. Just when we want to ignore him as much as possible, he walked towards where we were sitting and joined in the little circle we have formed among ourselves. “Shall we go home together?” was what he sang and it just turned all of us away. From that minute, all of us pretended that none of us can understand English. It was pretty obvious that we were to share a boat and to our disgust, when the uncle came on board to collect the money for the ride, he handed him 2 ringgits instead of sing dollars la! He was really trying to be funny because he smiled when the uncle urged for sing dollars and later on, he issued his credit card or something like that la. Crazy fellow. In the end, the uncle can’t be bothered with him and started the boat without him paying, really weird fellow!

The few of us went to Tampines mall after that. It was another crazy trip la. The whole shopping mall was so crowded that the air con can’t be felt at all. The people looked like ants streaming up and down the escalator and I supposed I merged into the crowd too..haha. Nonetheless, it was a big shopping centre enough to satisfy my shopping craze. Ha! If not for the distance I have to travel, I will make another trip there to shop man! Haha..

More people to be added to the list that help to make my day:

1) " i am physically strong, i no need to go for the medical check up right?"
--haha, you need a proof for that la.. even if you think that you are really fit..

2) "Eh, i am coming to the admissions office to hand in my enrolment package, do i need to paste a stamp on the envelope?"
--oh my gosh.. i tried really hard to contain my laughter over the phone.. lolx

NKF show 2
Poor ah di, injured and he didn’t look good too, please get well soon!Kun da and nui nai looked good and I was pretty amused by shu wei, but anyway, great efforts, Singaporeans..