Thursday, February 23, 2006

Flu bug bugginggggggg


Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Msn down

Hotmail down

wat can be worst? cant receive files to do the piling up work.

Opening a gmail acct soon.

People do take note.. my modes of communication is now reduced to yahoo mail ( and handphone. Seriously think that i am cursed.

Hair is standing.


Friday, February 10, 2006

i was totally not online for a week! Can anyone imagine that!? Gosh, even i myself dun believe it. Sometimes i really doubted if i belong to this new IT age.. haha. As a result of this, i got tonnes of mails and for some of the supposedly urgent stuff, i read it late. Oopz.. Too late for ammendments. I m sorry.. didnt mean to be irresponsible. Really sorry. i felt like being a hermit for a week and i did.

Him(s) n her
Quite an eventful week for me. Met quite a few people i haven met for some time. Some made my day while some simply spoils it. Of the 4 hims, 3 out of 4 made my day- so, i shall stop grumbling. haha. Not being a sexist here, it just happened that i bumped into guy friends more this week.. Really felt good catching up =) One of them was like my brother's friend la, my 2nd big brother who is my brother's best friend. Haven seen him ever since we shifted to bukit panjang.. saw him in NTU once, but he didnt see me.. and finally, met him again today.. i kept staring at him and he did the same.. seemed kind of dumb, but that was really what we did. Think he must be wondering what was my problem till he finally realised who i was as he exclaimed my name.. funny. Didnt expect him to remember my name after like 10 years.. so nice =) There is a she who spoilt my friday. What more can i ask to get a teacher better than her? Gosh. Really really haven been mad with a teacher ever since sec4. (-_- ''')

Recess = No recess
Though this semester is supposedly more slack, there are more individual assignments and work.. so, i can foresee how my recess week is going to be spent. How to study? The modules this sem are more theoretical and that means there should be minimal last minute studying. Help!

Valentine's Day
Going to be another highly commercialised day with lotsa expensive stuff to be sold everywhere..dear lovers, it is the thought that counts, save the money for a better dinner on any other day. With genuine feelings and chemistry, any day can be a Valentine's day..Happy Valentine's Day to all~