Tuesday, January 09, 2007

9th Jan 2007

Today is the day.

The fact of being a 21 year old is sinking in. Slowly, but truely..

Epiphany. A literature term i learnt from my JC lit tutor. Suddenly, i feel like a grown up. Sounds really crappy, but it is true. Almost 3 days of celebration made me really high and now, I am coming back to reality- a place where i have a rather brand new feeling and attitude towards. I guess my blog is suffering a slow death, reason simply being i am not as opened as i used to be whenever i blog now as compared to before. I used to treat this blog as a place for me to express all my thoughts, gratifications,hard feelings and happiness. I was open and wanted people to know and see how i feel. But now, i no longer see a need to vent my anger/express my feelings here.. A positive/negative change? i am not too sure either. I found it really hard to blog recently. Stared blindly at the screen and then gave up the thought to write le..Guess it is just me to express whatever it is up there out and to everyone and anyone appropriate. But now.. haha.. maybe i am just lazy to do that. It is okie, one or two good, interesting entries here once in a while should be good enough.

Thanks for all the nice greetings, dedicated efforts and presents from my dear friends and family. Special thanks go out to fang,marcus,kim,yj,john,wing,angela,ian,xinpei,cousin coco and cousin-in-law..
Calls and cards from overseas never fail to warm my heart further. Thanks weimin and eve! Overseas call not cheap ah!! Really value that thought.

Shifting some of my stuff into hall today.. A rather symbolic day indeed. Haa.

OKie.. getting myself back from the holidaying mood and time to charge!

No longer a 20 year old.