Sunday, May 20, 2007


Dead blog struggling to keep alive

Now that i am feeling a little more free, i decided to come and update and hopefully, will have sufficient perseverance to keep this blog going.

One reason.. though not the main, for not updating this blog is that i feel that i have moved very far and grown alot from the last time i deposited my last entry here. Be it in terms of thoughts, personality, ideas or mindset, i feel really really different. The sight of this blog skin just adds on to this idea. Haa. Time for a change of my blog skin.. but i am just too lazy to revamp it. Any offers to help? Heh.

After having my attachment for the first week, i should, at least up to now, feel that i am pretty lucky as compared to my fellow interns in the same building. At least i see a point in doing my work and at the same time, it is something i enjoy doing. Though still a small fry with no power in decision making, this small fry is opening her eyes really wide to take in and absorb as much as she can :)

People come and go in our lives and there are just some people that you hope will be in with you for the rest of your life... I don't really know where is the source of this pessismistic thought, but recently i am seriously thinking that people are living my life.. quietly and silently. As much as i would like to hold on to them, something is missing, not there to hold me and them together. Maybe time is a factor, maybe priority is another. Nevermind, whatever will be, will be. As long as i have tried to preempt it, i cant do anything if it is still going to happen. Treasure days with them around for now.