Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stretched to my limits

Work, family, commitments, projects, reports are really streching me to my limits. Having a bad headache now(can the weather help a little? it is freaking heaty la!), but managed to finish my two projects' writeup.. Finally. Now that the written part is done, there is still presentation to go! One week to prepare.. I really hope that we have enough time. My individual presentation also next week. Though i have long prepared and taken the pics, i still have problems putting ideas together to put my point across.. It is going to be 20% of my entire course assessment.. Cant screw it man.. Need to get a top and new pair off heels before friday..have been wearing trh same set of clothes for my presentations! Grrr.. time for a change to freshen everyonr.. Helpless, but there is no way to escape the protocols. Heels are entering my life.. used to be feared, but now, i am starting to like and get used to them.. There are pros and cons.. one major being, the other has to be really tall for me to look up to.. haha.

Angela Chang's Campus Concert

Waha!Managed to have a breathe and let my hair down for her concert last friday. Her live was good! She simply made me like her songs even more! POwerfully small girl.. But, good things never last.. she was there for only half and hour! We have not even warmed out seats then enchore le! Sang a total of 5songs.. so little as compared to Ping Guan the last time round! Not shiok.. haah.. nonetheless, she is really pretty~

Charis and Jonathan's wedding

My cousin is so so so pretty! I seriously think that my cousin-in-law is blessed! haha.. Attended their wedding does make one happy and feel blissful for them. Thumbs up for all the planning and preparation. Everything went on so smoothly and good that one is enocouraged and motivated to get married soon! haah.. Sounds exaggerated, but i really mean it.. Though i dun want to and will not be getting married so so soon, when that daycomes for me, i want it to be beautiful like hers.. so prim and proper.. so sweet and beautiful.. She is really fortunate.. =) Guess that moment can be one of the most important for every woman..Feel so happy for her! heh..this is really stark contrast to my dear ming gor's wedding last month. I really got thrown off the thought of getting married after their wedding.. Everything was in a great mess and disorder.. quite a bad memory to have for a wedding day.. and he is our eldest grandson for my mum's side.. screwd.. bottom-line.. good and detailed planning is really needed to make that big day beautiful.

Ma is not feeling well again.. Whenever she is down.. i will soon be.. mentally and physically.. What's more.. now is the deadline period.. Quizzez are on their way too.. my slack timetable doesnt really help much also.. attended only 3 tutorials and 1 lecture last week.. never feel so happy and right ponning ever.. Guess this is the price to pay for a three-year accelerated program..

Get well soon!!!!

i will survive!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bowling tournament

Haha.. kind if really lucky last sunday when we had the bowling tournament. I was glad to be paired up with wenrui, who is really good as he managed to groom a gao tu like me! haha.. Bhb i know, but just kidding la! I really had fun that day. This made up for the need to wake up so early on a sunday morning. We got second overall!! Haha.. lost to the top team by two points only! If only wenrui never tried his stunts.. haha.. but who cares, we all had fun! I am looking forward to spend the swenson voucher with the other two winning teams.. muahaha..Though the place brought back some should-be-forgotton memories, i cant be bothered with the fun.. Nothing to do with the alumni, it was just me and part of the memories. Nvm. Haha.

Will be attending my cousin's wedding this coming Saturday. Looks like this year is a good year for marriages as this is my second invited wedding dinner for the new year. Suddenly, reality dawn on me again. We are all growing up, dating and marriage should not be viewed as being far from us. Scary! I dun want to grow up so fast! haha

On Leave
Exams is just three weeks away??? wah! cant stand it.. I really got to start studying.. ah! ~breathe in.. breathe out..~ i will survive and kill this devilish semester! On leave from band le.. but will go back if necessary..

Received the mail for choosing my specialisation already. NO option for my dream course.. it will not be available for my batch.. *faint* hopes dashed.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Photos photos..
Went around taking pictures for my 114 presentation just now. Thought it would be kind of awkward and difficult.. but i was really lucky to have two great frens' help such the photo taking process turned out to be kind of fun.. haha.. It seems a little ironic as i have never appreciated p.m as much as i did just now..As i looked and tried to think of what kind of pics to take, i start to see more at the p.m. As the years passed by, my idea of p.m changed from a place with nice food to one that sells pirated cds and till yesterday..a place with nothing more than just snacks and civilians clothes. But after today's examination of the different kinds of food, my impression of it starts to change once a again.. Now, there is a greater sense of appreciation present.. haa.. i am not eliminating the possibility that this appreciation stems from the need to make sense of my presentation.. haha..

The week flew by like nobody's business.. was kind of glad that the event was over.. and is even happier and looking forward to the post event dinner from zu er.. haha..though i am not a glutton like what he calls us to be.. a treat is always something worth looking to.. =P

Final Destination 3 & Capote
2 very different shows that left thoughts as well as fear lingering...

A plan to organise my activities for the next 2 weeks throw me into a state of panick and fear that i am going to miss my bed once more.. two projects to be settled and done. Readings and films to be read/viewed and digested for my test(50% of total) next presentation slides and preparation for in class assignment.. individual writeup as well as to start touching my text for my coming finals.. saddening thought! ah.. i need my 48 hours a day once more~

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


You. i am kind of disappointed. I really think that i have been proactive.. tried to maintain the relations.. tried to update you, tried to meet up.. just in attempt to keep in touch. But i have been sad to feel that those attempts were not really appreciated. Were they felt in the first place? The distance is widening.. definitely. But i seem to get the feeling that u dun mind. Maybe u think that i am oversensitive, but ya, it is ur insensitivity that is making me feel worse. i definitely hope that i am thinking too much.. Given the workload now and the never-seem-to-get-lost flu bug, i am really abit too tired to handle such emotional stuff.. Letter written but not given. Email sent but not acknowledged. hMM.. i really wonder what more can i do. I tried not to do anything today, see if u will contact me.. you didnt. i really find it weird. something is missing in this relationship. haiz.

u. u appear to be friendly, nice, amiable, easy-going and simple. But apparently, after a few incidents, i think that u r not as simple as i thought. U r deep..deep enough to scare me a little.. i thought of you as too harmless and beautiful already. i hope that things will not be too hard in the future.. but as of now, i think that it is not a too positive start. i am seeing another side of you. Please dun give me the feeling that you think that i am extra or that i am inferior to any of you. i am as competent, if not more. Silence is not always consent.

you. i am constantly worried. Please take care of yourself. you are really important to us. without you, i duno what will it be. you are the best.

YoU. i really hope that you will reconsider your decision. as much as i want to respect your decision, i am selfish. i really hope to have you around once more. i really feel the difference and i miss you all.

YOu never know that every little single thing u did/said can affect me.. be it directly or indirectly. Cant say that i am not emotional, but still, you will be surprise if you know what has been going on. nvm, i m grouchy

Two is a company, three is a crowd. This saying is never too old.