Sunday, September 25, 2005

( '-' )

"If you want something, you cant afford to be passive!"

This is a line that i come up with recently and has started to like it as the days go by. It serves as a form of motivation for me to work hard and strive towards my goal. Ya.. that brings me to what is my goal.. to get into my choice of specialisation at the end of my first year? Every other thing is on hold? ya.. i think so. Played tarot cards with wee,xinru,mei and vicky yesterday.. guess the analysis is pretty accurate.. at least i can draw the links and see them together.. intuition,blockage,self-sacrificial,merciful,decisive,prosperity... Pretty interesting i must say.. shall play it again! heehee

I am finally back on track and in control of my life once again.. after so many things that happen in the past few months.. plus the jump and adjustment i have got to make to adapt to uni life.. i have settled down.. finally. ha. Guess the things that happened were not really that GREAT and unmanageable..just that everything seem so crammed and tied together that i didnt have a breathing place to think, to react and do what i should have done. They were pretty overwhelming happening together.. glad that they are over.. i have grown to accept certain things, certain people and better understand myself.. clearer of what i want currently.. my priorities.. guess the next step will be better time management..more self enrichment? hah..

"Being single by choice and being single by nature"

is another line that i find interesting.. So what if we are single by choice or not? why should we be so bothered? Ya, i dun deny that 19 years old is a prime time to get attached and find a nice partner to taste the sweetness of love.. but still.. that is not everything ba.. i am one who seriously believe in fate to bring people together and at the same time, we have a choice to make things work out or not..anyway.. i think i am just blabbering again.. bottomline- getting attached is not the only thing in life.. good if have..nothing to lose and more time to spare if without =)-- with this mentality now.. it increase my likelihood of becoming an old spinster..hahahah

Anyway..contented with my life now.. buddies around me, good class, fantastic section, nice project mates, happy family, pretty obedient tuitees.. enough sleep and healthy body.. nothing more to ask for presently.. contentment is happiness ba?

really got nothing much to say le.. tata