Sunday, August 13, 2006

Big fluctuations

School has started for me.. everything around me has been going at such a fast pace that i am literally gasping for air. The emotional swings from one event to the other really tires me.. One that affected me on the down side is the fact that i am no longer a chairman for band. The decision might seem like a bomb that dropped from nowhere suddenly, it is actually something that has been on my mind for as long as i remember. The dilemma and struggle inside is really hard to describe. The lingering thought and passion mingled with the practicalities of life and committments. Hard decision. I will miss band and CPS. I will miss the NBA and the ever so cute committee.. argh.I will miss the days of a bass tboner.. haiz. Shall stop here.

At the other extreme, i think i am lucky and blessed to seem to have a dream coming true... really thankful though don't know to who. Haa.

Monday, August 07, 2006

How i spent the last week of my school holidays..

Haha.. this heading sounds like a primary school kid's composition title huh? Yeah.. childlike after spending quite a large part of my time with kids..Got to recap all these so that i might help to make me feel a little better having to start school on tues.. though a day later than most peeps.. i am still on holiday mood.

Monday: (Strength: isleen,angela,ian,ee seng,namkhai,me,valmond,daniel,ashley,bingyao,khung xing and daphne) After some rest on sun after union camp 06, i met up with og hoping to salvage the memory card that stored a great deal of our nice pictures and videos.. However.. instead of doing what we wanted, the size of the og expanded(by those who left hall camp as they found it too bored) and we went around eating nice food..Headed for a sumptuous crab dinner at joo chiat followed by nice ???? at geylang. After which, we walked round the area to explore the even numbered alleys.. Though i felt excited at first, i felt quite bad after that for being insensitive. Though interesting it might seemed at first thought, it was kind of rude for us to go around like kids on excursion..Shall never do that again... Nonetheless.. had fun with og..after the walk around.. we continued our feast of ??? and ????.. though i could not take in more..the little bit i tried was enough to keep me tempted to go back for more.. yum yum..

Tuesday:(Strength: isleen,angela,ian,ee seng,me,valmond,ashley,bingyao and Shirley) Think the orientation fever was still hot in us that we decided to meet up for mahjong at ee seng's house once again.. It was when i catch my Pirates of the Carribean finally. I know it is abit lag but ya.. Nice show! I want to catch the second one before i missed it like Cars the last time. Hanged around watching Increadible Tales 3 after that..not as freaked out as the last time we watched at Angela's house.. guess the big group eased all tensions and fear after awhile. Short and simply outing.. like this kind of short gatherings.. it will be better with more freshies around..

Wednesday: Rested at home and accompanied dad before i went to do some relief teaching at serangoon. A short day with nothing much but enough for some adreneline rushes here and there throughout the day.

Thursday: Spent the morning at home with dad before he got on his feet and abandoned me. haha.. Glad that he was able to recover and left me alone at home while he went out to settle some stuff. First time that i felt glad being 'abandoned'

Friday: Met Valmond and Ee Seng for breakfast early in the morning. Abit siao on to like just wake up earlier and meet each other for breakfast ant Wa Jiao. Felt abit bad as i was the one who needed to meet early so that i can be on time for my next date later in the day. Nice people i have known =) Whooohooo! Went to JB with huifang and kim to satisfy out shopping craze after my nice breakfast! Spent over RM270 and i was home grinning. haha.. If i had no budget to talk about, my room will not be like what it is now. Shopperholic to the max. I brought the most money but was left with the least. Not even enough to let us have dinner at JB before we headed for home. Madness.

Saturday: Ubin outing with my beloved oac pals.. Such a long planned outing that we finally managed to get most of the gals down to sweat and cycle. Fun.. just that i am further blackened from where i was after the orientation camp. Need another half a year to get fair again. Boo.. The weather was good and we were adventurous. Went into the unexplored regions, scaled the top of the hill to see the overview of the beautiful quarry and cycled deep into the out of bounce OBS land. Haa.. I was nearly thrown off bike by a big monitor lizard that was frightened by me as well. Terrible scare but luckily i was firm to grip my bike and cycled on. If not, cheemin would have fallen because of me. Gosh.

Sunday: Tuition and shopping filled this last day of holiday for me. Started teaching pre primary one kids at the center today. Nixon and christina! whaha.. both of them made my day.. THEY ARE SO CUTE! Love teaching them.. time flies with them around. Just hope that they do learn and i can teach effectively. Met up with zhu tou in town today. Missed her and was glad that we spent time sitting down to catch up. Not really in the mood to shop.. sorry.. think i bored her a little towards the end. Too tired le.. then my heels were giving me problem as well..Shall meet up again!

Tomorrow.. supreme court outing with business law specialisation peeps.. I knew none of them.. actualli thinking if i should absent myself.. but i cant afford to be anti-social in this fac.. so.. yeah.. be friendly.. be myself!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nurse for a day

Dad is sick. Really the first time seeing him so sick after living on this earth for 20 and a half years. Dun really like this feeling of helplessness. All i can do is to prepare food and medicine for him. The medicine didnt really seem to take any effect.

Please please.. let my Mr Strong recover really soon.