Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Attitude is really the thing that really matters! No matter how good you look,how intelligent you are or how high the authority you are in! Whoever you are, with a bad attitude,nobody will respect you. Being loud does not mean that you are right,it also doesn't reflect efficiency,it simply reflects your personality. Sad to say,this kind of personality is bad,is one that i despise and hope to stay away from. By looking at you,i am learning and hoping that in future, if there is a chance for me to lead,i will not be like you.Though i don't have a perfect attitude,at least i know that mine is not a bad one. Being in the last year of my teenage years,i am starting to see the changes in me-- in terms of views and perception.Every little thing i witness will spark off chain reactions in my mind and if possible.. i will pen it here. Yup..that's all i got to say.

Love-hate relations

Went to work alone today cos wing is not feeling well..i was listening to Lee hom's album and thoughts began to fill up my blur and empty mind..When i heard 'forever love', i wonder if there will really be such a devoted lover living on this planet..is there really forever love in this world? Though really sweet and touching in its entirty,it seem so impossible and hard to get such love..Still remember that in my lit classes back in nj..we often discuss how love and hate are closely linked and related to each other..To most people, love is the direct opposite of hatred and vice versa..however, in actual fact, love and hate come together..if there is love,there will be hatred..sounds like i am sprouting nonsense right? But think..when you are in love with someone..does that mean that you really really love every single thing about him?Isn't there anything he does that you don't agree with and find it hard to comprehend?The more you love that someone..the more you will hate him when things go wrong because you will be so puzzled and confused as to why dun he understand..Love and hatred are both emotions..if you love someone..it is pretty obvious that you have feelings for him..but when you hate someone,you will think that you want to have nothing to do with this person..but never did you realise that it is actually when you care about that someone then you will hold such anger and dislike against him..it takes alot more energy and strength to hate and dislike someone as compared to the energy to love and like someone..it is only when you feel something(not limited to lovers ya) for that person then you will be bothered and affected by their actions..so..hatred actually comes with love and care..so..in future,when you think that you hate someone..think again.. is that person really worth the time and effort? if they are worth the effort,you will realise that you don't really hate them..but if they are not worth it..you should just leave them alone and don't even be bothered about them..With that..you might find yourself a happier person!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

LOng WeekenD.. YIPpee!!

Yo ho.. so happy that today is the last day of work for this week! Tomorrow is good friday..so it is a happy day!!cos it is a holiday! haha.. i sound like i am going crazy..but i feel really good cos can rest le..i have registered with the two unis..the third one i am still considering..be it really vibrant and fun and nice..i am holding back cos i have no confidence to study under that kind of environment..too "on" for me.. see how ba..any advice for me,readers? i miss school life..badly.. dun feel like working le..it has become a routine that it is nothing but a procedure to pull through each day..answering calls have become something natural and automatic..yee..so robotic! School..whoever you are..start soon! haha..

By the way.. i am still experiencing the hangover after seeing wang lee hom on sunday!! haha.. he is really really very shuai! Tall also..idol!! ideal height!! haha.. he shall be the model height for my search..haha.. features wise..i not so particular..cos it is impossible to find another person who is as good..haha..though i saw a lee hom lookalike at bugis.. i think he is one of the rare breed..haha.. okie..enough of day dreaming...

Looking forward to meet section tmr!

Friday, March 18, 2005


It has been a long time since i last blogged..life has been simple..other than one big surprise from a good fren..though big is the surprise..it is a very pleasant one..=)
After getting A levels results.life is somehow back to normal with nothing "exciting" to look forward to.. maybe the next big thing will be the posting results for me to see where i m going to be in in the next three to four years..headache headache..where and what should i choose? business not bad right? alamak..confused..
Don't know what to expect..don't know what to do..not even sure of how i really feel.. do you feel it? i also not too sure whether things are really supposed to be like that..am i behaving like what i should behave?why am i feeling lost and confused? i know you felt it..think she felt it too..that's the reason for her behaviour the whole night..i thought i want it..then on second thoughtsi dun really want it...aiyo..woman ah woman..deep thinkers and emotional..weird creatures..alamak..anyway..stay happy! dun think so much.. whatever will be will be..