Saturday, October 29, 2005


now i finally experience the peak that chang loong once commented about uni life.. bloody peak!~ but how come i never seem to experience the trough?? that seems really unbalanced yea?? weird. why is it always my batch to experience the new stufF?? first was pw.. now is the gpa system where everything under the big big sun has got to count. No time to breathe. Done with projects, now is exams. think my batch is really super if we think back on the things we have done for the pass three months. Phew.. more oxygen is definitely needed.. and i am kind of balding?? haha.. cant help but be exaggerating here.. i want time to do things i like!! alamak.. that brings me to my point of whether i m in the right course for myself. though a bit too late now.. i am keeping my finger cross about next sem. I feel that i have worked hard, if not at least more effort and time than others around.. but the results i m getting is just not equal the effort put in.. this is kind of or rather very irritating and frustrating.. i am feeling really tired and demoralised.. effort put in, no results.. might as well not do anything right??? but still.. i cant put it down. irritated... just hope that i can pass all modules.. so that i can at least still get my honours. saviour needed!! i tried to think of what went wrong, then there are 3 conclusions.. 1. i am getting more stupid. 2. i m not suitable for business at all and 3. these modules are not my area of knowledge.. in fact, very far indeed. everything is new and super new... concepts, facts, techniques..
i miss band prac. i want hols!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wait Till You Grow Old

Watched this show finally.. though a pretty common plot, the twist towards the end surprised me and the ending touched me alot. It has been ages since i cried watching a show/movie. Though there are parts that are unrealistic, the moral behind the story is pretty true and close to heart.. like the movie =) It just reminds us to live life to the fullest no matter how little time or energy we have.. never regret today or give up on tomorrow.. rather motivational.. heehee.. Another thought that i brought home from the show is that.. things on the surface might not be the things that are true.. What we see and know might not be the right and the one to be believed.. this dawns on me because i am one who tend to believe things and take things at face value.. seldom take effort to think twice and deeper.. and now.. i think indifferently! haha..
Anyway.. happy birthday, Ms Chan! hahah.. dun think i will be back this sat.. intensive mugging got to start tmr!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Nothing can really cheer me up nowadays..people around me are simply disappointing.. all only care for themselves.. irritation. Guess everyone is made even moodier by the never-seem-to-be-ending projects.. gosh.. exams are three weeks away and we are still struggling with projects?!? What is this? To date, in a short time span of about 3 months, we have done a total of ten projects.. with only 2 ungraded.. guess it is a pretty shocking number when we calculate the total number of projects we will deal with annually.. gosh..think now is really tht time when the going gets tough..what's more... if i fail any modules this sem, or rather any sem, i will NOT get my direct honours.. my hair is practically standing whenever i think of this.. dying of suffocation..

I need a break. nitez.

my cough is not helping at all.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


i just dunno why, but i am seriously getting more and more skeptical with things and people around me.. whatever that happens, i can no longer trust or choose to believe like what i use to do in the past anymore. Uni life simply made me see more kinds of people.. good or bad up to one to judge.. i just keep telling myself to be less trusting.. and this doesnt make me feel good at all.. anyway.. ya.. pretty disillusioned.

Please do not take anyone around you for granted.. people always tend to treasure friends whom we meet less frequent..although that is inevitable.. but that does not give an excuse to take people around you for granted. .sometimes, just a remark or sign of concern can mean alot.. really alot.. silence is not always golden.. i seriously think that anyone, no matter how strong, how iron- fisted or how independent.. will have a soft and vulnerable side where love, care and concern needs to be showered.. Everyone has got emotions..a soft pad on the shoulder or a hug can really make someone's day..sigh....

Really tired.. cant wait for the term to end and have my holidays.. but before that, i seriously hope that my projects can be done really quickly so that i will have time to study.. really do not wish to repeat any modules... sos!! i need time to study!!!