Friday, April 28, 2006

On my mind

Is guys' ego really ever high and almighty?

Is it always necessary to keep it THat high?

Are girls in university too 'high' and 'elevated' to be 'reached' by non-uni guys?

As i get older, these are really the issues that get hold of my thoughts sometimes. We are not so unreachable if they can cast those irritating ego aside. I do not blame them as it is an invisible barrier ever present and lingering, preparing to surface anytime, anywhere.

If someone ever ask me if i mind a boyfriend from poly/ite, guess my answer will be
"I don't mind if he don't, i will mind what he minds"
Guess it is said easier than done, but true enough, it is not so difficult if the feeling is true and mutual. Life is much more than what our certificates reflect and show. Grades might be a really BIG thing to some people, but what's that but a superficial piece of paper whose only purpose is to help me get a job in near future?

I supposed that is why Singapore's birthrate is not improving.. Education levels and disparity do play a part in segregating people and differentiating social groups.

What to do?

I supposed we are only 'open' to people in our own group. That is how limited and small our social circle is ba. Vicious cycle i must say. That's why we should be more proactive in getting to know more people, shouldn't we? Life is short, live it well and meaningfully! At least that is what i think.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

When people say 'Hi' to you... will you say 'hi' back?

haha.. i supposed so.. even when you do not know that person i think would still reply.. Haha.. I supposed that is basic courtesy. Never mind, a Hi won't cause my death or anything. Just being friendly.

After rambling on for so much.. i shall now declare:


Actually i am not as happy as i thought i would be. But maybe subconsciously i was. My last paper today was a 2 hour paper. I knew it right from the start but still, i let the sotong side of me took over. The paper consist of 3 questions, 3 sub-questions each.. i was one and a half hours into the paper and i still thought that i have got an hour more to complete the last question. I supposed heaven was kind to me in a way that a sudden realisation dawned onto me like magic to make me realised that i have only got 25 mins to complete one third of the paper! haha.. Needless to say, i rushed my way through.

I must have been glad that it was the last paper and maybe i didnt mind to actually stay back for another half an hour in that cold examination hall. Heh.

Thought of all sorts of entries that i wanted to type here when i was mugging. But now that i am here.. my mind is in a state of blankness. Whoo. How smart.

Went to watch 'Keeping Mum' today. A dark comedy i should say. Not too bad for a relaxation when our choices of movies to watch was so limited. Those nicer shows either not out yet, or the timing was just too late for the few of us. 'Reincarnation' looks exciting. Think i will want to watch 'Daisy' too.

Always got this sense of emptiness in me these days. Trying to find out the causes.. Not a good feeling i must say. Cant really discribe it, but it is disturbing. Nvm, it should be going away soon.

Monday, April 24, 2006


My to-do list has never been so so long.. Haha..

Looks like my blog has just became a place i log on to just grumble and complain.

I want my exams to end! Immediately. Gosh..


Why does 2 days seem so long!?

I am already not studying.. this sem's results is going to affect my GPA.. sigh

What's wrong with me?

Lazy bum must be the culprit..

Need the luck in the world to create miracles...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Alive and Kicking

Have been digging my head in the textbooks that i have barely flipped for the past two months. Have been stressed and tensed, but finally, my mood got better this two days cos i only have two more papers to end my suffering.. Cant wait to get myself a holiday job after a rest from this hectic period.

One of my best friend asked me to go on a trip during this coming holidays. This is dunno the how many times i got a chance to go on trips with my friends but there is just this lack of enthusiasm from me. Though money constraints might be an issue, i realised that if the trip is to get me to some natural and beautiful landscape like my dream destination, i might be more than willing to get myself there. Though i like to shop, i do not know why the thought of a normal tour no matter to which country, still doesnt appeal to me. Let me consider again ba ya.. Travelling to another commercialised land does not seem to have any appeal to me at least for the time being. So.. shall save up more till i have the urge to go somewhere out there to spend it all away.. haha..

Okay, time to continue to be a studious me.. i am counting down to the 26th.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy April Fool!

Haha.. It is April Fool's Day once again. Time really flies.. People out there.. be careful and dun get trick today!

haha.. What a name! This was the name i gave him.. more than 11 years ago. Haa.. it is really a very very good feeling to have old friends remembering you and wanting to keep in touch once again. Thanks so much for this sweet feeling of being remembered. What's more, it has been 11 years. We were all so kiddish and ignorant.. Chatting about bits and pieces of memories that we both remember differently is simply hilarious. It is always times like this that i appreciate the invention of frienster. Hah.

Intensive Mugging
It shall begin TMR! i mean it.. i shd start before i cry! haha.. To all dear pals, whoever wants to mug outside, please jio.. i am looking for good spots to mug. i cannot stay at home- too much distractions.