Monday, January 30, 2006

A different Chu 1

First time in 20 years of my life living on this world that i spent new year in singapore. I have never thought that the feeling can be so weird. There is simply nothing much to do. Visited two of my relatives, one of them being my elder uncle and his family. He is my father's brother. And mind you, he is just like another mould of my dad just that they are of a different shade.. hahah.. By right, being the few Yeos in the family, we should be the closest and the more closely knitted cousins. Ironically, we are not. Instead, we sat in the living room and watched scv programmes. That silence was defeaning. Nothing came out from our mouths. My brother's girlfriend, visiting with us for the first time, was also shocked by the awkward silence. Really sad isn't it? All i can say is that we have never been close. Maybe they carried and played with me when i was a baby, but as a baby, how much can i remember from these two sisters? The first line that greeted me from one of them is, "oh AiLin, you have grown so tall!" ya, right, i have grown taller than both of them. Gone were the days when i raised up my head and stare at them telling myself that they are my dear cousins. Though distant we might feel, it is still a fact that we are the Yeos. I think it will be really sad when in the future(without our parents) we will turn out to be strangers who will never be in contact. I can foresee that coming. Sigh. Guess we are all pretty helpless about this. The age gap is one factor and the serious lack of contact is another. Nonetheless, there might be miracles. haa. One happy thing about this awkward visiting is that my uncle seems really happy. One thing, he dotes on his brother- that is my father. Second, think he loves my elder brother being the eldest Mr Yeo in my generation. Seeing my brother with his girlfriend, i can sense this underlying blissful feeling floating around in the big and silent house. haa..

happy new year too all! Cant wait to lay my hands on the table to...muahahah.

Friday, January 27, 2006

CNY 2006

For the past 20 years of my life on this planet, my new year has always been spent in malaysia. Suddenly, mum says that we are not going back this year. Lost. Being one who always feel that malaysia has got more 'mood' for new year, i am reluctant to stay in Singapore. Just feel sad that i am going to stay home. Argh. However, on the other note, i can start to jio friends for new year gathering.. precisely due to the fact that i am always away, i can only go for gatherings in the second week. Now that i am so free suddenly, i feel lost. All of a suddenly, my "new year mood" is gone. Hopefully visiting to my paternal relatives can make up for this loss.


I do appreciate differences, individuality and diversity. These are the things that make life interesting and exciting. Individuals i feel, should have their own style and characteristics. I am not saying that we should try too hard to be different but, at least have your own traits and unique characters. Everyone is special, so why cant you just be yourself? I am getting irritated. I am not trying to say that i am so unique and nice but ya, stop giving me the feeling that you are trying to be like me! Gosh, this kind of feeling is terrible. I have always thought that we are quite close friends and close friends are bound to share similarities. Ironically, i love that kind of similarities and 'chemistry' between friends. However, whatever you have been doing is not chemistry and it kind of turn me off. It starts to make me dread hanging out with you. Please please, i don't know how long i can stand this kind of irrtation if you call it. I am not trying to be an almighty to say that i am super cool or imitatable but ya, i just detest the idea of having someone who seem to dress and talk and feel like me. That is scary, isn't it? Then i might as well call you ailin right? Grrr...maybe i practicing a little exaggeration here but ya, that is what she is doing. I seriously prefer people who have a better sense of self. How nice is that to have what i shared with you broadcasted and twisted to your advantage? Guess you are a little more than who i think you actually are. Time to open my eyes wider.

Alright, i shall stop all my grumblings. It is New Year! Muahaha.. CNY resolution- go around visiting! To as many places as possible! May all get as many ang baos as possible! heehee..
4 days holidays! yeah!!!

Being in Singapore this time round, i shall be proactive and start organising gatherings. So, the following group of people(in no particular order) who read this, please sms me to say when u free if you are also interested in the gathering k? Then i will arrange a slot when most can make it. =)

1. 2d gang-- mahjong?? muahah..
2. Section-- go k song at chevrons like last year? or a simple gathering? 5th/12th
3. Jc pals, meet on chu san(31st jan) for mahjong?muhaha..
4. Xiao Xue gang-- lao gui ju, visiting ard bukit panjang? 5th/12th feb?

Sms me k?? and help me ask around..cos i am sure not all will read this in time or even at all.. haa..try to not tag as a response.. cos i might not read it myself.. hahah.looks like new year is nothing much but spending or trying to earn money. hahah.. good luck and fortune to all!

Pretty hopeful about what is going to go on in alumni. There seem to be many things to look into on agm on the 11th. Hopefully things will turn out well and smooth..Hopefully all can come promptly and contribute wherever possible k?

Have a happy, joyous and funfilled new year to all!


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ang3 gong4 gong3
Guess my hair is something matching the New year this year. Maybe a little too jing bao for many but yeah, i am still pretty please with it. Though the colours i have chosen did not really appear, the resulting combi is not one that can be easily obtained. haa. I have chosen brown as my base colour, red as my highlight, but at the end of the few hours, i see more than two colours appearing on my hair. There is red, there is also a slight variation of red- pink, gold-which i dunno where it comes from, and of course the brown which turned out to be lighter than what i initially wanted. So, people can let your imagination runs a little wild to imagine me in my new hair colour now. =)

Cultural Night 2006
A reunion night for the chance to meet old friends who have not been in touch for so long. I am also glad to see some of the teachers who hasn't seem to change much ever since my graduation. And of course, not everyone has remained the same, some of the teachers who were Misses, have all turned to Mrs and one is even pregnant with a baby! wohaha..

The performance was alright, though not fantastically impressive, it was kind of touching to see the juniors performing and showcasing the various cultural performances all together. i believe, there are few other schools which have such an ability to have all cultural groups reaching and maintaining a certain level of excellence in their field of practice. Kinda proud to see that kind of ability in my school. =)

Tourism and hospitality specialisation
Waha, suddenly, i feel an urge and a constant motivation to study simply because if this new specialisation that will be implemented at the end of this semester to my Nanyang Business School! hhahah.. it seems like a dream come true for me as this course has never been in history, be implemented in Singapore! The 5 existing specialisations though interesting and useful, did not appeal much to me because i do not really have any special interest in any one of them. One reason for me to get into NBS is partly due to the hospitality course available in one of our exchange universities overseas. Now that it is available right here in Singapore, it just makes me feel so lucky to be at the right place. Haa.. No matter how much i have previously said to dislike school and uni life, i am now positively different. Guess it is the goal established that marks the difference in my attitude.Praying hard to really get in there.

Chinese New Year
Yay! 4 days hols for the coming weekend.. so happy=) i want to go new year visiting!! haah.. but before that, i have got to shop for more bottoms. Gosh, new year is one week away and i feel so unprepared.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Turning 20..

The process of turning 20 was a really happy one. All thanks to my dear frens and my family.. those who rmb and those who even took the trouble to celebrate for me. I seriously felt like a little princess for the past few days.. all the way from 6th jan till 10th.. u guys really accompanied me through my birthday. *hugz* Everyday feels like a birthday even till now.. Thank you so much! Happiness and more happiness is all i have to say about this year's birthday.. really thanks alot all of you who have made my it a memorable one. For my 2d palz, no worries about not being able to meet up that day k,cos it is partly my fault to postpone the whole thing.. love you guys as well! haa.. My family has been sweeter this year too.. haa.. in the past, it will be a simple dinner at home with nice dishes cooked by ma.. but this year, we went fiesta! haha.. then everyone from my dad to my younger brother treated my extremely well.. dunno why, but they managed to make my day special and different from usual.. touched and nearly melted from head to bottom.. nearly cried again.. but luckily they didnt see the watery eyes..if not i am sure my tap will be turned on again.. Suddenly, i hope this little dream will never end. Dun feel like going back to face my tutorials that are stacking up..Boooo.

In short, turning 20 isn't as bad as what i thought. A really really BIG HUG and thanks to all my frens ranging from primary sch ones to sec,jc,uni and frens from alumni band..Thanks for all sweet msges,nice and expensive presents and cakes, sumptuous dinner and lunch.. Thanks for all the thought and effort put in k??? muacks. nOT trying to make a big thing out of my birthday, but just a sincere and thankful entry to thank all who made my birthday a memorable one.

All i know now is---to remain young, i have got to stay young at heart! haha..

I am getting closer to adulthood.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Hey you-know-who..

you never fail to surprise me with so sudden and realli jing bao news. They either surprised or really shocked me to the limit. Don't worry and be happy k? Got anything to shout, to share, to cry or to laugh, feel free to look for me yea? msg,page or call.. yea, take care and remember, there is always sunshine after the rain, no matter how mild that is! =)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

hey, if u like someone got to let that person knows right? No point pondering,fussing and thinking so much alone. You have got to know how the other party thinks too. The worst u get out of a confession is rejection, when there is no confession, playing mental games can be more torturous than anything else. Be bold, for once. If there is pain or anything, it will heal with time. But if the outcome is positive, it will be so much happier and blissful. Words are often easier said than done, who doesnt know this? There are always so many things to hesitate, to worry and imagine, these nagging thoughts can be never ending. So, why bother? Follow your heart and face all that comes out from that decision. Good luck.

Monday, January 02, 2006

HapPY BirThdYAY, AH fanG!

Now that it has just past midnight once again. I seriously dun know what is wrong with me, but i am sleeping less and less each day. After a havoc partying on 31st, i slept for 2hours and stayed awake almost the whole day till now.. it is 2nd of jan now. wah! really crazy me. Now that it is 2006, i shall have my resolutions written out in details after a brief one in the previous entry.

Guess i will once again optimise the usage of my time to the fullest once again. But for this year, more time shall be allocated for me to rest and more private moments for myself. Haa..sounds quite wrong, but all i mean is to get more rest and have more free time to do anything i feel like at that moment in time. Shall try to moved away from too much heavily packed activities, More self restraint! haa

Results will be an area of concern to work on. Though my grades are alright now, i shall not stay complacent as i believe i can do better. Though with that thought in mind, i will try not to stress myself with that cos i am one who perform better under less-stressed life. Shall just give my best.

More time shall be given to my family, play a more active part at home rather than being one who seems to be taking more than what i am actually giving.

Be a better tutor. Haa.. shall be my next resolution. Other than to achieve my strive to top up my bank account regularly, i shall really make sure that i will continue to try to improve their grades no matter how naughty and lazy they are. These are the reason why they need me and i shall do my part as nothing can give more satisfaction than seeing them really learn and get their grades improving.

As for alumni band, i hope that merger will be smooth and the band can tide through this period as it is a pretty crucial thing for the combined alumni. Once the merger is settled, there are bound to be changes and we will need time for the whole band to settle down and move on from there for the future as one band. Hope things will be smooth-sailing..

For this last little resolution, i shall be frank to say that, i hope to get a bf, who can be there to listen to me, be there to share all joy and laughter with me. Though i always say that i have no time for another person in my current life, there are still times when i wonder how different and good things might be to have a companion around. Think the one i need cant be a sticky type, he has got to know that we have got our own social circles and life too. Best if we have the same interest and liking, so can do stuff we like together..haa..sounds like a sweet dream..hee.. Still, i can only let nature takes it own course and can only say that, good things are worth waiting for. haa.

Let's see what's up for me in the coming year. haa..

Sunday, January 01, 2006


How can i not blog on this nice and first new day of this going-to-be-great 2006? After a series of havoc and partying, 2006 creeped in quietly, sending 2005 to be another chapter in the archieves. Looking back, i seriously think that 2005 flew past me. Seriously,it did flew. Half a year was spent working in NYP, and the rest of the half was almost fully taken up by school, tuition and band. They are the fixed activities.. and of cos, my personal social life, with all the surprises, unexpected and funny, sad experiences took up the rest of my life in 2005.. Should really say that i have grown up and really seen more things that are happening. With such a rich and memorable history, i anticipate another fruitful 2006, to better enrich myself, to better cope with challenges and pitfalls in life. There is definitely more to be absorbed as i slowly approach adulthood--though a little reluctantly