Wednesday, August 24, 2005


i think everything has come to an end. Ya, i think so. i do not know if i was the one who ended it.. but guess it was the things i have done ba. The past few days have been hell.. project preparation, tuition, project again, then pia tutorials.. maybe that is how i am really like when the workaholic me is busy-- cold and unfeeling.. those around me will more or less be affected. i am sorry but i cant help it. However, i have also been thinking amidst the tight schedule, and thought that i have arrived at a conclusion.. however, the sudden coldness now is making me feel uncomfortable..fickle-minded and undecided.. selfish also..thought that i will be relieved, but, now, i find myself feeling abit sad.. hopefully i will have no regrets. Anyway, i got into the odac sub-com.. more activities. Maybe what he say is right, i am too independent, too busy..but i thought that is mostly for this week and the next only.. i believe i'll settle down soon..this is also good to a certain least we got to know what is best for us,what we want. i hope that i am just being abit too emotional here..what i have done is right. ya. right..thanks for everything.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

wats up and down

Haven been updating ever since school started. I think thats me ba. When there is work to do, my online time is naturally reduced. Anyway, i think that the things that are happening around me recently are a little bit overwhelming for me to cope altogether. First, there is school and school work to be handled. There are like so SO many presentations and things to prepare la. Due to the fact that 2 out of my 3 tutorial classes take place on monday mornings.. my sundays have just become my mugging days. So sian diao la.. every sunday night is spent doing my tutorials..sound so no life huh? Guess i shuold really start planning my time well and keep my sundays free for relaxation. Due to my super bad flu last week, things are stagnant as in, many things are left undone! gosh.. i owe my tutees more tuition sessions and that means more nites occupied and taken away.. bleah.. cant i just stop complaining? haha...

Decided to join Odac for my cca in uni again.. guess this is going to be a little different from nj oac..cos, we do not have weekly trainings!! Yeah yeah.. but that means i got to stay fit on my own to be able to cope with the activities that are to come. I went for the sub com interview yesterday.. though i dun really need the points and stuff, i just want to be part of the big family to better enrich my uni life? haha.. cos i think if we do not join any cca in uni.. life is just going to be studies and going out with frens u have already known or maybe your new classmates. that is like a routine.. so guess i am looking for something new? haha

School,cca and friends.. there are really some people whom i miss and want to meet up but time is like never enough. Phew.. And one more thing, if i didnt reply anyone's msg.. please forgive me.. cos this month my bill is going to BURST and EXPLODE like a bomb and i am going to clear up the debris my digging my own pocket.. so sorry to those i didnt reply on time.. i will try to get back to ual via other means k? so screwd. .if got anything ual want to say, tell me or ask.. feel free to call me k? help me make full use of the free incoming calls i have.. heehee..

Went out to meet frankie and marcus last sun.. i miss them so much till i saw them. Now i think i miss yj and kim more.. cos that two stupid babooons actually bullied me the whole afternoon! Haven feel so tortured and geked for a long time le.. exasperation man! nonetheless.. they are jokes that i can take and i guess these are the things that help us bond and really click! haha.. sound as if i enjoyed being bullied.. but ya..hope my point is understood. The two of them huh.. really ultimate.. never fail to amuse me with their niao-ness, frankness, cuteness and silly-ness.. haha.. love them man! better dun let them see this entry..if not they are going to say that i am siao again.. haha..this just make me realise that they nv read my blog! tsk tsk..hahha.. but that also means that i can write more bad things about them?! haha.. fang n jing, u better keep wateva u read to urself..haha..

band has also started.. and as usual.. i have got to brush up and improve on my skills more!! especially when i am the only bass player now.. gosh. all my juniors bangsei me to not play for this concert and my senior? super qiang la, jumped to first liao lo.. leave me to die! haha.. kidding la.. got to really improve.. i hope i can.. by playing only once a week.. alamak. Band is now pretty small..and i hope the year twos who have said they want to play, will come back to play after their As.. This shall really be our FULL concert man.. need everyone to make it possible!! really ah... keeping my fingers cross.. i think we can do it..

i dunno if wat i am doing the right things now.. but i really hope so. .guess doing what i feel like doing should be correct ba.. at least i will have no regrets.. haha. yup. thanks for everything.