Wednesday, April 27, 2005

PlanNIng NeedEd!!

May day coming..looking forward to the long usual..trying my best to organise my time..hopefully i will not screw things up.. frens,do bear with me..i know i am pretty greedy to want to attend almost everything..but that also means that i treasure each and every one of the group outings and want to be there =) One more event to be added to my list is the visit of my cousins from malaysia..want to spend more time hosting them but at the same time,i don't want to cancel my pre-planned activities with my friends. So, i guess i should get my cousins to join us? haha..that is only a thought.. shall see how things go.
I feel that i am treating him quite badly and rudely at ths same time..but i do not mean it,seriously. I shall try to control and hold back my tendency to show attitude. Sorry.
Though i am actually keeping a blog, my writing, or rather phrasing and typing skills do not seem to be getting better. The supposed sentence structures and correct punctuations are significantly absent at the right places. Guilty guilty...

Thursday, April 21, 2005


A call from you to share something will make my day! Whether you know it or not, thanks!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005






Indecision now..

Maybe i shouldn't think too much..

It has been what i wanted all along.. shouldn't i be elated to be selected?

Shall continue to ingulge myself in happiness..

no regrets.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Ubin outing

Mosquito bites are the aftermath and "memories" after yesterday's outing.. Hahah..guess it is the price to pay after one day of fun and heat as well. Woke up early on the cloudy sunday morning..dragged myself out of bed having to have slept only at 2am on saturday..tired tired..but excited to go ubin..guessed that gave me the strength pull myself out of bed. Reached tenah merah at 9.55am.on time! haha..Thought i would be the earliest,but who knows, the moment i stepped out of the station,i saw piglet and cheecheemon sitting on the floor at one corner..all so punctual. Soon, yili and peishan joined us, also punctually at 10am..goodie.Took a bus to the jetty and was rather disturbed by the new image of the jetty as it looks so so commercialised now,with the berth and neatly aligned entrances for the expected tourists.. sigh..really dun want the only non-urbanised singapore land to end up under the hands of urbanisation and commercialisation. Stop engulfing the natural landscapes. The new jetty has no need for boat jumping anymore..the feeling of going ubin is so different now..there are also machines around to check all bags and luggages for people coming back to mainland from ubin. Just like another custom. It simply makes me wonder if it is really inevitable for every place to catch up and improve with all technological advancements? I want ubin to stay like this..

Luckily the jetty over at ubin is still the same old jetty..haha.. much to my relief. haha. At least the change is only limited to mainland singapore. Just hope that the development shall stop there. We still boat jump at ubin jetty..haha. We went to rent bikes the moment we stepped onto the island. Guess wat,the bikes cost only $3 for the whole day! yippee.. Cycled round the island from 11am when the sun is right hot but good time for was funny to see the 5 of us panting when we were riding upslope..wonder how we endured those crazy rides around the island and how we also managed to “cheong” non-stop up and down the slopes, to and fro from one end to the other end of the island. It must be the office work and the non exercising weeks that weaken our stamina. And even more surprising is the fact that we take five every now and then, how was that possible when we were in oac? We are so slack and lousy now. *diaoz*

After pushing on for a few hours, the few of us finally set our foot at one of the seafood restaurants near the jetty. Heaven! Haha. The seafood was so fresh- the tender meat of the fish, the juicy and crispy baby squids. Yum yum. The meal was sumptuous! With a full stomach, we went to the jetty and were making our way back to mainland when I saw the weird and bored Caucasian again. The moment I see him, the first instinct is to run. It might sound funny, but trust me, he is a freak. I first met him, it as at a road junction and I nearly bum into him. He saw and then shouted “Danger oh danger!!” without paying much attention to him, I slowed down and dismissed the whole incident. But who knows, we just kept meeting him around the island and he made funny noises and comments—mostly to the air particles around him. That made him a freak that is pretty scary. He was like a soul loitering around the island making funny noises. The ultimate thing is that when we were waiting at the jetty, he came to the jetty too. Just when we want to ignore him as much as possible, he walked towards where we were sitting and joined in the little circle we have formed among ourselves. “Shall we go home together?” was what he sang and it just turned all of us away. From that minute, all of us pretended that none of us can understand English. It was pretty obvious that we were to share a boat and to our disgust, when the uncle came on board to collect the money for the ride, he handed him 2 ringgits instead of sing dollars la! He was really trying to be funny because he smiled when the uncle urged for sing dollars and later on, he issued his credit card or something like that la. Crazy fellow. In the end, the uncle can’t be bothered with him and started the boat without him paying, really weird fellow!

The few of us went to Tampines mall after that. It was another crazy trip la. The whole shopping mall was so crowded that the air con can’t be felt at all. The people looked like ants streaming up and down the escalator and I supposed I merged into the crowd too..haha. Nonetheless, it was a big shopping centre enough to satisfy my shopping craze. Ha! If not for the distance I have to travel, I will make another trip there to shop man! Haha..

More people to be added to the list that help to make my day:

1) " i am physically strong, i no need to go for the medical check up right?"
--haha, you need a proof for that la.. even if you think that you are really fit..

2) "Eh, i am coming to the admissions office to hand in my enrolment package, do i need to paste a stamp on the envelope?"
--oh my gosh.. i tried really hard to contain my laughter over the phone.. lolx

NKF show 2
Poor ah di, injured and he didn’t look good too, please get well soon!Kun da and nui nai looked good and I was pretty amused by shu wei, but anyway, great efforts, Singaporeans..

Thursday, April 14, 2005

biTS n PiecEs

Happy to actually see tags from my seniors and meimei..haha. Short and simple notes but ya, pleasures and smiles =) Just a note to dear Sy, i will write you a long long and nice testimonial once i use my home computer to access the net. It is because i have been surfing from my office and friendster cannot be accessed from here cos they blocked the site. Saded. Haven log on to friendster for months. Sigh.
One of my officers just came into the office to say that those who intend to leave early, got to inform them by the middle of next week. It brightens up my day a little, till she added her last line-- hotline excluded. Why why why? sigh.. i know calls will still be coming in, but.. ya, i am getting tired too..hoping to resign earlier to settle down and do some other personal things. Never mind, shall only bring up the topic when the peak period is over.
Lunch time now.. the whole office is quiet except for the continuous ringing of the phones. Driving me crazy. A big big thanks to weiwei for her help during lunch breaks. *huGz*

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

juSt anothEr dAy wiTh firSt linE

Tension,stress,white lies,frustrations,irritations,unhappiness,helplessness,cluelessness as well as weariness are the emotions i am feeling right now. Complex aren't they? All mixed and stirred up inside. Can feel the heat and frenzy (if you call it) all around the office. Ranging from the front desk to the different rooms in the whole office. I am sorry if i am constantly bothering you and maybe even to the extent of bugging you for an answer,but i can't help it ya. I am in the most direct form of communication for the anxious applicants out there. I will try my best to do whatever i can,but still,there is only so much i can do as a temp. Hoping to run away,escape from all this even for a few minutes. This makes the toilet on the fourth storey a nice place to visit once in a while.. haha.
Band will be resuming this sat. Being MIA for almost two months,i am actually not looking forward to carry the almost 10kg instru though i miss playing it. Contradictary right? haha,that's life i supposed. Ironic and contradicting.
Looking forward to sunday,not only for the fact that there is no work, but also for the idea of going away from civilisation and urbanisation. Just hope that the sand flies at ubin will not be too friendly in welcoming me.. haha.
In addition, i am already hoping for another rotting session with my rotting gang--mei and ru after our rotting cum tai tai mahjong session. So carefree and relaxing. yippee!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Tired and sick..both physically and mentally. Think i need a break soon,before the weekend,so that i can recover from this flu or cold whatever you call it. Though i slept alot yesterday,and i actually felt better this morning,i can sense it coming back by now. Hate to be sick, feels so lethargic and heavy headed all the time. Oh man..realy hope to get well soon..Calls keep coming in..thought that with wanying around, the number of calls received per person could be more spread out..but obviously, this is not the case now..I wonder why they must call and ask questions that can be answered by the enrolment guide. They are not only hogging the line, which is ever so hot, but also making us repeat the same easy answers over and over again.. Why can't they READ first????? If the guide is not useful, why did we send them in the first place? You are simply depriving those who needs to call in the chance to get help. Inconsiderate people.

People whom help to make my day

1) When the call is put on hold, they shouted to their friends near them, "hey, the hotline is free right?"
--so what if the call is charged? Are you going to hang up my call? Bleah (-_-''')

2) Those who addressed madam here and madam there in the entire conversation

3) "oh,where is the admissions office? Eh, is there a guy there who speaks very softly?"
--Sorry..but lolx

4) Heart-felt gratitude and thanks when their problems are solved.

5)Polite parents as well students

Please please please don't grumble on and on about your family problems because i believe you know how to handle them better than me.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


hmm..dunno what got into me yesterday..guessed all those around me got affected by me to a certain extent yesterday..feel quite paiseh actually..maybe just mood swings ba..sorry to all whom i gave bad feelings to..dun mean to anyway..

After waking up today..everything is fine once again..looking at everything from another perspective..yep..happy..haha.. Guess this is part of growing up once again..not that i am going to repeat my lines of how growing up makes me think more and see more negative sides to life..i just got to cope with this change..this change in attitude that i am going to adopt towards certain people..the change and growth in me to treasure those who really worth my time and effort..Not to take anyone for granted is also one of the most is always too late for regrets..apologises are not always adequate though they do help abit sometimes. When you apologise,make a sincere one, if not, it is best to remain quiet. Sometimes,it is really inevitable to think that life is hollow and empty with nothing,absolutely nothing to live for. I know i sound really pessimistic,but it is really how one will feel once in a while. After a day's hard work or maybe crazy havoc with friends, you wake up with nothing but another day to repeat itelf. On the brighter note,everyday brings about new experiences and surprises because you never know who you will meet. Yap, i am blabbering again, with no specific thought in mind, just thinking that life can be a meaningless, never ending cycle till the day you die.. haha.

Another day that i am anticipating for time to knock off. Bleah.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Night hike 2005

A dreamy weekend passed by..a hectic friday night of tuition followed by a seemingly long weekend that makes me forget almost everything about work..Hates this office all of a suddenly. It's cold..literally and figuratively to a certain extent.. whatever that does not matter anymore.
Had a great weekend as i met up with my fellow oac pals to crash our juniors night hike..felt so so excited as it has been so long ever since the last time i trekked and felt the wee and silent hours of singapore.. haha..met most of the seniors at yishun mrt at 2145 on sat before we set off to lower pierce reservoir to start trekking.. Walked through the dark forest and gripped our way through the slippery and wet foilage..exciting sia. not that we have not tried it before.. just that the entire experience once again after so many months simply made it enjoyable and not tiring.. i supposed it was the slower and more relaxed pace as super seniors participating in the hike that made the journey more enjoyable than before. Managed to catch up with one another too.. yipee! Despite the slower pace we have taken, we managed to reach KAP at around 4 plus..took a really short nap and decided to walk home accompanied by weimin,cheemin,shiyun and huizhen at around 5am.. took us about an hour to reach bp..wah..really tired by then..went home for a bath before setting off to lim chu kang with my family to sao mu for my grandma..really tired but glad to tahan till 11 plus before i collapsed onto my bed...i slept all the way till 2 plus when i confirmed with hf that we wun be going out due to the rain..after which..i sank into deep sleep again..all the way till dinner time..haha..piggy..but cant be help it after missing one night's sleep. That goes my sunday and i am back to work once again today..yup..cant wait for it to end so that i can go home.. time,please fly!