Monday, January 31, 2005


Yay!! new year coming le..also dunno why..but feel really happy and excited about it..maybe is the thought of going back to malaysia and meeting all my cousins and relatives that is exciting me..ya..and my nieces and nephews..yipee! Cant really feel the 'new year atmosphere' until i went chinatown shopping last feel that kind of vibrance and excitment in anticipation of the coming new year..though it was really crowded and squeezy and hot..the fact that everyone was busy shopping,bargaining and even sight-seeing simply made the dirty and small back lanes of chinatown lively and happening.. almost everyone had bags of things on their it new year cookies or new for me..there was no exception!! haha..bought three pants(pretty funky ones) at a go..think my craving to shop has not subsided..but instead..growing clothes are rapidly increasing in numbers to only squeeze in the limited capacity cupboard...time to throw stuff away..but after packing and unpacking through the night on saturday..i only managed to pick out a few pieces of clothes(really really cmi ones) to be given or thrown away..many new additions with few eliminations..shall give some to my ma..hahah..a msg to my "shopping ka kees" especially wing and hf..remind me to shop wisely k..haha..think i am really overspending.. that's all.. HAPPY anticipation for new year everyone!

niCe neW YEar reFLectioNS( frOM hoTMail)

A wonderful Message by George Carlin:
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbour. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but not better things. We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less. These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion,big man and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer,to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete.
*Remember; spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever.
*Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.
*Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent.
*Remember, to say, "I love you" to your spouse and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.
*Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again. Give time to love, give time to speak, and give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.
AND ALWAYS REMEMBER: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

George Carlin

Friday, January 28, 2005


please dun take me for granted..silence doesn't mean tolerance level is only that high..i am near the limit already.. but..none of you sense my sadness and your eyes..i seem to be one who is easily irritated,petty and stingy..oh ya..i am not a spendthrift though i like to shop..but i am not stingy..i spend only when necessary..and for now..i am on tight budget due to the delayed you really think that i dun feel like buying things for ual? can you understand my situation now? i need to think twice before buying something..just wait..wait till i get my pay..can you stop demanding so much? i will do what i promised..i will..i will.. all i need is a bit more time.idiotic pay is all i can blame..i really think you dun understand me and guess this is the bothering black face means anger..that is what you see and think.. you have never try to think why that anger is present.. can you be fairer to me?your treatment towards them and me.. maybe you can say that i am jealous..i think i is your actions that make me jealous..i know i have always been a very independent person..but that doesn't give you the excuse to show less concern for me..people who are independent also requires care and concern from others and a shoulder to lean on sometimes..they get tired too please..they have emotions less..but even i am super unhappy..maybe i am harbing too much on it..but i can't help care less for me..but demand more from me.. what's this?i know you wun see wun feel my sadness..all you see is a spoilt brat throwing you black face..whatever.

Monday, January 24, 2005

HaRi RAya weEKend

heeHEE..though the long weekend has come to an end..i am still suffering from hangover..not meaning that i have drink or anything..but the freaking long shopping trips and never-seem-to stop meals..haha..really enjoyed this kind of carefree life.. yiPEe! shall now give a recap of what happened the past three days to "re-enjoy" the moments..haha
woke up early to bathe and slack abit before waiting for my tuitee to come..after which..brouhgt her home for the first time as her mum was not free..being her tutor for 2years odd..this is the first time i went to her house..pretty neat and big from the front door's view..didnt go in cos i was kinda in a rush to meet my sec sch clique..despite my late arrival at lavender..i was still the EARLIEST... dotz... waited for nearly an hour before all gathered and left for the army market..the wait was kinda worthwhile as i really wanted to see how botak the 3 of them were...amused and amazed when i finally got to see them...they became so self conscious the moment we pull off their caps..LOLx..think i quite bad and mischievious cos of my itchy hands..but nvm..haha..thought that we would be bored by their incomprehensible army language but suprisingly..the 3 of us were amused and i really laughed till tears start to well up...their encounters are so entertaining and the retale was made more animated by marcus la..his F****** ****** was the line of the day..though crude in its content..the pitch of the wordings and the thought of the animated sergent made me burst into laughter the moment the phrase was mentioned..hahah..nonetheless..scary and eerie stories were also shared..not too bad cos we are hanging around in a group..lucky..saw fabian at army market!! so qiao.. he looks quite good botak..not least natural..saw a few familiar faces here and there..guess it was the shopping day for army guys..saw yanwen and ian too..haha..quite a fruitful day..
After the shopping trip meant only for them..we decided to go town and then marche for dinner!! met ahlam,mervyn and gang on our way to heerens..wahahaa.."my twin" slim down le!!happy for him..but he looks quite sick..
"take care,brother!"
After the sumptuous marche dinner and photo takings..we hanged around aimlessly before coming up with the thought of taking neoprints!! has been quite a long while since all 6 of us were present for the whole day..taking 2 neoprints took us an hour odd..really funny poses and weird expressions..especially like the pic when the gals put on the botaks' caps..they have really little hair!!god gracious!
Went to swensens after that..not really hungry..but just needed a place to rest our feet and quench out thirst..ordered the crumbles-both bananas and apple and found the banana crumble nicer =) slacked till 11plus..went home after that..a really long day outside
woked up early morning to get ready to go St Francis methodist for my test..feel really tired..then got this feeling that i will fall asleep while reading the passage...met wing at the bus stop..the school looks grand mostly due to it being a joint building with the sia~ the test was pretty smooth sailing other than those expected killer verbal was the word la..haha.. went to meet ma at plaza for lunch before shopping around for a while..wanted to go to the salon with ma so that she can perm her hair again but in the end didnt cos we went home to take my band stuff so that i can head for band directly from there..and lazily..i sank into deep sleep while lying on mum's bed waiting for her..haha..before i know anything.. ma was also beside me!!lolx..guess it was the after lunch was time to go band..woke up and went to met xp at the interchange pretty prac was exciting..cos we side read and the band is really young..attendance was bad..very bad..and i really hope those who have given your word to play for the coming concert will really commit your time..and frankly speaking..the practice hours so far is not too demanding ya..once a week for a few do your part.
After tuition in the morning..met wing for shopping in town..with our mental shopping list..we went from one shop to shopping centre to the next without much break in by the end of the 6 and a half hour shopping..resting our legs beside the fountain in heerens was heavenly..haha..though i only bought toro's book at the end of the day..the trip was not considered wasted as i manage to get a clearer idea of what is suitable for me and what is not..what is expensive and what is not..what is funky and what is not..hahha..goodie!! pinning my hopes on J8 tmr..hopefully can get what i want.. =) secondly..the trip was also not wasted cos wing bought her skirt and jeans..da feng shou ar..haha..good good..listening to stef's album these few days..think i will buy one for myself can return to fang..haha

Thursday, January 20, 2005


stupid la.. looks like i am not going to get my pay this month again..ever since before prom.. i have been working..but till now.. i am still pay-less!! what's wrong man.. the system is so screwed and rigid that it is more or less confirmed that i will get my pay only end of next month..what is this??? free labour for close to two and a half months? i am living off my savings k!!!not that my parents refuse to give me allowance..but i just dun want to get money from them ya..why should i be working if i still wants pocket money from them?stupid work..ya.. you can say that it is only a matter of time.. i will get my money anyway..but this timing is pretty important ya.. by the time i get my year will be over..and that means.i am going to face tight budget for my new year shopping!! for a shopping freak like me.. i seriously detest this kind of "restrained" shopping that i rather do without..ya..frens say that i can always get a loan from my parents them when i get my pay..but..that is not really the point right..i am sure i will get the money if i asked..but it is the delay of payment that gets on my can one owes payment for so long? i thought one and a half month is bad enough?wonder who can and will tell me when exactly i will get my pay..not only me..but my collegues as well..temps need money k..if not why do you think we are working?? ridiculous..guess this is the main thing that is pissing me off..thought i will cool down after a good night's rest..this issue is still bugging me the moment i stepped into office is simply the inefficiency and stupid system to blame..really cant stand it!!!!!!!! feel like cursing and swearing..but what's the point???? what can we do as small fishes in the big organisation..all we can do is wait...IRRITATION! i have been waiting since 4thjan..the supposed payment date for the month of dec last year..this kind of endless waiting is really really testing my patience..

alEXis and BEng..

Gals..i'm sorry..for not being able to go to your NIE concert at a pretty last minute..though things are not confirmed as yet..i got the feeling that i won't make it there..though i will try my best.. no matter what.. have my moral support ya..may the concert be a great success!!
Jia yOU!!

SUrpRise suRprise

THANK YOU!! Amanda,Lynn,Sijia and Wing!!
thanks for the presents and i was really surprised to get them in the first place..surprise because i dun expect anything from u four together..esp lynn and sijia..surprise also because the things ual bought are very tie1 qie4..meaning they are things i have intention of buying..haha..thanks!! you3 xin1 le..

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

miSS yOU??

hahah zhu tou..this entry is dedicated to you la..not anybody else.. GET WELL SOON K??? we taking SAT this sat lei...must at least have a clear head when you go in k.. drink lotsa water..dun eat fried chicken no matter how appealing they well as all those rubbishy junk food.. get well fast so that you can soon enjoy the treat from me!!haha..if not..we need to drool till you are well again k.. cant wait for the meal right?? so.. GET WELL SOON!! aiya you rubbish la..ask me to miss you.. i dunno how to lor..cos i enjoyed the peaceful morning train ride quiet and should have seen the bliss look on my face...hahahahaha... dun whack me.. kidding only la..updating to entertain you cos i know you will be super bored at home especially when you wake up so so early for dunno watever reason..go back to sleep la...go see a doctor..hopefully can see you for your anger last night..chill it k??guess we just need more time to communicate with them effectively..if not age gap such a term wun exist right?? kk..take care!

Monday, January 17, 2005


Wanted to really start mugging for sat.. but too bad..too much of slacking really does me no good..the minute i see a book..i start to feel matter how much i slept the night before.. you shall find me dozing off in the next 5 mins..haha..

met amanda to jog on sat morning..thought we can cover some distance..but haha..guessed we were too heavy..started panting after awhile..then slacked at the nearest fitness corner..haha..went to yuhua in the afternoon..supposed to help to sort up a tonne of scores..but due to our super doople high efficiency..we finished in less than an hour(actually more efforts are given by the yuhua committee cos from rv side..only got me,lydia and weili turned up..and we reached later than them..sorry!)met fang and yijijng in town after that..due to my unprecedented earlier arrival..managed to see mandy and amanda who were shopping with fang..went to fox..and i kinda like one of the white jacket there..should i buy..should i not buy? "arh!!WHERE is my pay!!"nvm..went to k songs after that..not too bad..just that the service is really lousy and irritating to a certain of the waiter needs to serve us drinks while repeating the type of drink that we ave ordered..bleah..really distracting and annoying at times..anyway..never going to go there anymore..paradiz branch is much better.

decided to sleep however long i can on both of my alarms were off..haha..slept all the way till around 10(oinkz,oinkz..haha)tried to read some sat in attempt to ignore my hunger pangs..mum and dad still at market..and breakfast was with them!! hungry hungry.. gave tuition after that..taught her how to write journal entries..not too bad la..really really tried to settle down to study before i make my way to yuhua for meeting again..this time with the whole band..nonetheless..i fell asleep again..this time..comfortably on my bed..ya..can scold me for lying on my bed to study but..cant resist the temptation BED IS COMFY!! the time i wake up.time to get ready and go to la la sat was untouched..

watched our explanade concert's video when all has gathered..Nice!! least i enjoyed the pieces one after the other!! yay yay..ruiyan is so so so zai!! impressed by him!Azri went through the work plan for 2005 after that...hopefully we can make it for his primary aim..yupz..bella gathered the rv alumni after that..surprising and overwhelming is the news that i am the ahem...vice chairman after bella and xinpei..dunno what to assured that i will give my best..yupz..if anything not satisfactory or not well k,fellow bandsman?i need to learn as i move ahead..thank you=)went to dinner with section later on..thanks for waiting..thanks for the cake..thanks for dinner..thanks for the night! haha.i am cos i am still happy today..cos i feel blessed with you lot in my life* okie..sounds abit mushy mushy..but really la*you know what i mean..yupz..ade..i still cant access your blog!! alamak..and whichever 'guas' (big or small..haha..sounds funny)read this..leave me the links to your respective blogs ya..cant seem to get your links from my current links..

though my birthday is officially over.. this week seem like a birth-week for me..cos msges come in belated but the senders didnt know that it was over..kinda amused as they somehow rmb that my birthday is somewhere near..and yup..i got the latest msg from my "supposed twin brother" lam can u forget your own birthday?? lagged a week.. but it is okie..thanks brother! take care in army and drink lotsa water!! the guys will be "released" this wed for the public hols..hopefully can meet up..i need to study now! haha..

Thursday, January 13, 2005

i WOndER

I really wonder how long i can hang on.. feel like giving up le..dun like it more and fact no feelings other than boredom and agitation sometimes.. this is bad.. i dun want to spend the coming 6 months being grouchy and unhappy..the only thing that is holding me in place is the people here..the environment is perfectly fact is the job itself.

TRipLE 'S'

Wore my new pair of slippers(the pair given by my class gals) to work today..even before i reach the LRT station..i have attracted more than enough attention for the was not because of my sleepy face..neither have i wore my shirt inside out.. but because of the "Squeaking,Squacky Slippers" as wing called it..every step i walk..there will be this "squack" sound that accompanies my movement.ah!! so attention seeking!!

Dear slippers, i know you are good looking..but do keep quiet k?? cos i find you really loud in the office especially..thank you so much! haha..

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

whAt to Do?

haha..surprisingly..u msg me today..nothing to do with me or anyone in our clique but is only in times of need then u thought of us? i think i am being really cynical today..but really really can't help it..cos the contents of the msg is really so..and with today's mood.. i am in no position to answer'm sticking to my principle of saying nothing when i can't say anything good..


i seriously dun think u will read this..but who cares..i still want to write..i am disappointed in you..this might sound really unreasonable cos you have said before that if ever i get this feeling i must tell you..ya..i am telling you now..not through sms but blog..not going to msg you cos duno ever since when msges sent to you are like things being sucked into vacumn..never to be heard of again...oh ya..did you know that i have a blog? this is how bad things are i supposed..yeah..we are close frens..or was it best of frens?ok.. i think i am getting more and more sarcastic here...but i really cant help mentally prepared for what i am going to say..they are not going to be nice things..hmmm..
dear best were not there for our birthday celebration..ok..for that i understand..cos i know that being an OGL can be tiring and the first week of orientation really requires you to put in time and effort to bond and mix with your't and will not blame you for your least you msged and apologised..though i really hope that you were there with us..never's over..
Then came the actual day of my birthday..yep you msged and i got the well wishes..yep that's it..a msg from you..maybe it is the higher expectation i got for you that is resulting in this disappointment..nothing a meet up or whatever to catch up on the things you have missed or things that you have done and i have missed out on..were things like this in the past? my inbox is now free of your msges..not that we msg everyday..but..they are significantly missing in action..even when replies are needed..they are NOT there..What can i say? Tried to ask said you were using te other number..ok fine..reason accepted.. then why is it that when msges were sent to BOTH hp numbers and yet there is still no reply..i am not the only one disappointed ya.. we have talked about it and have come to the conclusion that HE has taken over our places that were once present in your heart..among the three of are the last person i will expect to neglect the friendship..becos you used to be the one who gives me the strongest recognition and bond of this frenship and i dun want to be wrong about this fact.. not that fang has not given me that feeling..but your attempts to maintain the frenship was more strongly felt maybe because you are in a different seem to have forgotten our plan to do sth for fang ya?dun think you will have the time now..
Can love really replace friendship? haha sounds like a rhetorical question as my entire entry seems to be an answer to this question..please prove me wrong soon..i am not going to msg you now..unless really necessary..shall see when is the next msg i am going to get from you.

hAPpy bElateD

Had a happy night yesterday and
Welcome into the 19 family!! You are as old as me!! Heehee.. Alexis,beat,zq,sharon,wing,jerry and i went to marche have a belated celebration for me while celebrating in advance for stone!!haha..hope she likes the bikini we gave her! hahah.. We ate really fast yesterday..guessed we were all starved..finished all the food even before zq arrived..*oops* luckily she didn't feel like eating at marche..went for daytona after zq's meal at bk..the sharing of supernatural experiences send chills down our spines on such a cold night..luckily the thrilling and exciting daydona game 'spice' us up and made us forget the earlier conversations..hope that alexis enjoyed the catch up session cum prata supper with her elder sister=)
feels kinda surprised that a couple of my friends thought that my birthday is actually on the it because of it being a nicer number to remember? is ok..though the wishes are belated and ual dunno it..i'll gladly take them as it is the fact that ual remember my birthday that really matters..haha.. so..there are more to be added to the list of acknowledgements from the previous it goes..thanks to
wini,jo and rob for their well wishes..
alexis,beat,zq n sharon for the pair of shoes and watch(i luv them!!haha)
wing,alexis,beat,zq,sharon n jerry for the night
and dearie zhu tou for the 'yet-to-know' present you intended to buy!!
that's it..i m officially 19..a fact that i cant deny..esp after so much 'recognition' from frens.. bleah..haha
thanks everyone!

Monday, January 10, 2005

jUSt AnOther SimpLE dAY..

Turned 19 le..9th january2005..a simple but memorable day..memorable not because of it being my birthday..but the fact that it was also the day for the Tsunami Memorial Ceremony...didn't make it to the expo..but my heart was more or less with the people who went..hope that those who were affected by the disaster will move on though it is something easier said than done..

Stayed at home the whole day..partly cos mum was sicked..partly because no one asked me to go was a quiet and peaceful birthday havoc, no sabo, no teasings and parties..guess that is due to the fact that there is now no sch for us..everybody busy with our own lives and that some of them are already in ns.. yup..nonetheless, my special thanks still go out to all who remembered and msg-ed me.. this thanks go out to(in order of timing of msg received) xinpei(the most ks cos she msged me on the 8th,haha), yanwen,fang,beng, meijie, yijing, guoxiong,weeten,siewyan,hui lee,alexis, wing,sis jamie,lizhen,louis,beatrice,si jia,zhaorong, kai, amanda,gor,meimei,weizhen,cheng qiu,shuhui and last but not least,the sotong qingwei..who thought that my birthday is on the 10th..and so..he was the first on the 10th..haha..i was not at all angry at him for forgetting but on the contrary,was amused by him..haha..thanks ya..all of you..though i stayed at home the whole day..i am not the least lonely..cos the msges came in a pretty spread out i was occupied most of the time while i was helping dad with housework as mum was drowsy on medication..

As for presents..thanks for all those who had spent money and effort shopping for them..cos so far i like all the presents received..really..not patronising anyone here k? the following shall be my acknowledgements to:
Fang,for the bag(i am carrying it today!haha..) and card
Kim,for the accessories and bag
Frankie,for the necklace(i m wearing it today!) and card
Marcus,for the soap and the 'yet-to-know'
Meimei,for the birthday card
Lynn(my unidentical 'twin',happy birthday to you too!),for her card
Lay,for the necklace
Gor n sis jamie for the inspiring book and pooh bear(flown from HK arh)

And for this part of the entry.. i shall dedicate it to wing.. cos she lost both her hp and wallet on this same fateful day.. indeed 'memorable' too.. dun brood over it k?as i have might be a blessing in disguise! As for the one who stole your beloved phone and wallet..i hope that he/she will be unlucky throughout this new year!

Friday, January 07, 2005

JiA yOU!

ual enlisted le..left with mc le.. looking at the photos we had taken..going to miss ur looks with hair!!haha.. agree totally with hf.. cant imagine fk botak..cant imagine him in ns..cant imagine him doing this and that. as for kim..think he can cope..with his determination and perseverance.. not that fk has no determination(in fact a great deal of it)..just cant imagine him la..haha..blame it on my imagination ba..sending mc tmr..all the way to pasir ris..good luck brother! mind your tongue k..not everyone can take ur jokes..maybe can meet ual on hari raya or looks everybody!kind of emotional today..thinking of u guys..heehee..take care and all the best in ns!

StuPId piGs~

StuPiD Pig calling anothER pig stupID..muahahaha*silly*
anyway one of them is me..while the other is wee ten..*oinkz* haha.. he is blur like sotong la.. forwarded a msg that reads : hey guys,are ual free on sat to meet for ailin's birthday? i burst out blur of him to send it to me..nonetherless..i feel happy and touched! yep..shall reserve the day for them! heehee..2005 marks the 8th year of our friendship with him,zhaorong,louis,yanwen,huilee,lizhen and ka ho..glad that we are still in contact with frequent meetings..yay! Friends forever!!! Another thing worth noting is that the family of 8 is actully expanding..with new members each year..cos most of them are attached and this 'attachment' grants admission into our group..haha..thanks so much for the friendship and care all these years..just cant wait for it to enter the first decade of our aquaintance! shall have a grand celebration yea? haha..see ual on sat~=)


i am sorry.. it is for the two of you(J n w)..i hope ual read this.. cos i really dun mean to ya..i felt like telling ual the truth..but just cant help it yea? just dun want too many people to know..sorry.. i am so glad that you are no longer angry.. relieved*phew* thanks ya.. =)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

WhaT'S WroNG? it part of mood swing or something? Sigh...dunno why temperaments today are juxtaposed(long time never use this word le) with yesterday's...Nvm...i'll be fine.

My colleagues celebrated mabel, jas and my birthday today during lunch...really appreciate the idea in a way cos it at least shows their effort and thought...thanks pals! Perhaps it is my mood that is spoiling the 'happiness' I would usually have when frens rmb and celebrated my birthday. WHAT's wrong? As compared to last year, the excitement and anticipation for birthday celebrations pales a lot in comparison... Last year, for every single birthday celebration planned for me, I felt really blessed and have such nice frens who never fail to rmb my birthday...i dunno why is this feeling missing this least for these two celebrations I have had so far...maybe because I expected these already? This links me back to my stand of trying not to have any expectations sometimes..cos disappointments usually comes with expectations...the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointments...sigh...but frankly speaking...i dun have much expectations…it is seriously the thought that’s wrong? Aiyoyo...

I feel like I am typing and typing cos I am trying to find out what's wrong with myself...typing seems to be the only thing I can do now to figure out my thoughts..cant go anywhere to scream or shout or release the trapped emotions...Dun feel like going out actually..feels like going home to rest..but to think of it again...tonight...will be the last time I get to see Daniel with his hair at least for the next few months...up till now... I still dunno what’s wrong...

Btw..dun ask me what's wrong for those who read this entry...cos I really duno...anyway...i'll be fine soon...(-_- ''')

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

~PrEttY ExCIteD~

Pretty excited about tonight..not so much about the food at the barbeque..but more about the presents each and everyone of them has gotten for me..haha..i have no expectations of any sort..just pure curiosity to find out what they have bought..realise that I like surprises..haha..they are pretty exciting..this is going to be my earliest birthday celebration this year as the guys are enlisting soon..really soon…kim cheong and Frankie to be in on the 6th..While Marcus on the 8th...Same as Fabian and Daniel…going to miss them...Haha... Hope to see a more macho them in time to come…haha.. Going to enjoy myself matter how short and few the hours we have after work.