Thursday, June 29, 2006

Over the moon

Though i did something misleading and stupid today, i am glad that everything ended well. Phew.. Nearly died of heart attack! This is when frens play an important role =) So glad that yijing was there to offer a second opinion and help me calm down a little. Gosh, i can be really stupid sometimes. Haha, this is all I am going to reveal about my stupidity~

Had an imprompto sleepover at yijing's place yesterday. Haa.. This is the problem with girls.. Once we start talking, time seem to be never enough. Heh. Guessed we were both a little high yesterday-- did whatever we thought of and wanted to the moment we talked about it. I dyed her hair late at night yesterday. Crazy because there was no prelude, crazy because we just walked to the nearest 7 Eleven and grabbed the best colour dye that both of us agreed on. Crazy again because she wanted me to just highlight her hair but i stubbornly continued to dye the whole hair for her. She then requested for stricks of highlighted hair and bold enough, i toyed with whatever foil she had and ya.. dyed her hair~ haha.. As if all these stuff are not sufficiently out-of-norm, the supposedly ash-beige hairdye turns out to be golden brown when she came out of the bathroom. Haha.. I was speechless. Frankly speaking, the colour turned out to be something i like and prefer, but, the owner of the hair colour seems to not like it as much.. alamak.. "Hope U will get used to it soon, yj" =)

Met up with Weimin today! My dearest piglet~ haha.. She is still the same, so cute, so huggable, so innocent, so nice to talk and shop with! *Hugz* Distance indeed makes our hearts grow a little fonder.. Haha. We kind of combed the whole bugis in a short 4hours, leaving no sales unturned. Haha.. I really love GSS~ heh.. Got 2 of the tops i have eyed and wanted at only $21.60 when they used to cost $33 and $39.. Muahaha.. Really glad that i didnt succumb to those temptations and waited till today! Guess i didnt manage to contain my excitement of the good bargain that even the salesgirl looked a little shocked by my grin and wide smile. Haha. Wanted to have an ubin outing with everyone so that we can all get to meet up, but guess bigger group outings are always harder to settle.. especially when all the girls in question are reaLLY BusY people! Haa.. I will not give up. I am sure we will meet up soon~ heh.

Wore my Papillio already. They are gorgeous~ hahah.. actually maybe not really that beautiful but, i just like them. Yeah!

Monday, June 26, 2006


With expectations, there are bound to be disappointments when these expectations failed to surface. Though i have asked myself to stay 'normal' and lower my anticipation and expectation, i cant help it but hope for more. Guess humans are all greedy and i am no exception. Things seem fine and perhaps a little stagnant, but it is better than nothing. Shall i take more initiative? I really wonder how. Toot.

Another disappointment

Seniors camp was something that i looked forward to- 2 days of fun and laughter. Even took leave and break from tuition and cafe to go. For the first day, Aura is one of the groups with more people. That is definitely worth commenting but for the second day, the almost full strength dropped to zero.. that's why i am now free at home to blog. Am I too enthu or are they the ones who are not? When we are together as a group, things seem fine and fun.. Reason reason? Haiz.. Really feel that we should meet up more in order for the camp to be a really successful one. Shall make use of this time to really take a break.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Had been bitching so much about my new manager that i don't mind bitching more about him though it takes up space in my blog. Being the operation manager, he does not even make the effort to mingle with his crew.. Does he expect us to suck up to him and try hard to smile and make conversation with him? Nah, that is something i will definitely not do. I thought he was just putting on his airs on his first few days, but guess what, when the crew consists of fellow au***** like himself, he was SO friendly and treated the rest of us as transparent. Yeah, it was obvious from that moment onwards that he don't like c******.. Or maybe because we were employed by the previous manager. Gosh. Last Sunday was the day that pushed me to the limit and the thought of working there under him simply makes my head spins and hurts. We were on the papers and hence business was super duper good. I was on the afternoon shift... customers kept coming and before we know it, the pies were sold up before dinner time at 7. I have nothing much to complain about the good business because with that business, i was occupied and time flew past really quickly. But, his presence made my day super tiring and frustrated. When we need the space at the counter to serve the customers, he was there chatting and making his so called 'friendly' conversation with his fellow 'mates'. I have nothing against that, but we just have to look at the appropriate time to do it. Just when we were having full house and people were looking out for seats to be cleared and trays to be emptied, we saw coffee cups and saucers meant for staff usuage on the tables, waiting to be cleaned and cleared. What is the point of having disposables lying there waiting to be used? He made a difference to the standard procedure of operations and above that, gave us more unnecessay work to do during such peak period. My hair was practically standing and what can be worse than being the only c****** left in the shop with him and his darlings. I decided to get away from him and walked into the kitchen to fold more paper boxes to handle the next possible batch of customers flocking in. What was he doing when the crowd ceased for a moment? He did not replenish the pies, neither did he help out with the paper trays which needs to be folded. He was there, taking up space at the counter chatting with his darlings. Anger, anger and more anger. I missed Sammy and my brother so much when they just left the shop for less than 45minutes to make a delivery. Argh. The next bad thing he did was his indirect causation of me receiving black faces from customers. I was making hot chocolate for the customer when he came over to ask if i know the 'right' way of warming the milk. Though i said yes, he went ahead to 'teach' me. And being a subordinate, it is only right to use whatever he had prepared to make the 'hot' chocolate. Though i felt that the milk was not hot enough, i used it anyway cos there was seemingly no reason and time to question him. What happened next should be predictable- customers complained and yeah, fingers were pointed at me. Fury! One Sunday afternoon with him nearly drove me to my grave. I was sulky for the next half of the day. As it was not difficult to make me smile usually, the disappearance of that curve on my face was kind of obvious that even Scot noticed it. Though jokingly, his reminder of 'service with a smile' made me guilty of letting some insignificant figure disturbs and irritates me. From then on, i tried to brush that irritation out of my mind.

Felt better after a good night's sleep.

i was on the afternoon shift again on monday. The moment i stepped into the shop, i heard that it was Sammy's off day! That's it. I WILL SEE THAT IRRITATING PERSON for the rest of the day. As usual, he left us alone to tend the counter. Soon, he was on the move. Of course i was elated to have him go, but on the pragmatic side, who was going to do the official closing with us? Closing was never done by part-timers ourselves. We need the manager to be around! He left happily after leaving behind his contact number and asked us to call him if there was any problem. yeah right.. there were lots of problems after that.. but it didnt seem that we need to call him at all. cos, there was nothing he could have done over the phone. First, we ran out of small change as the customers at our shop always seem to have $50 as their most available cash. We rushed off to neighbouring shops to change. Once this was tackled, we ran low of pies before dinner time. When the pies ran low, our $10 notes and coins ran low again. i started giving change of $40 in mixture of fives and twos and change of $1 with 10 ten-cent coins! Gosh. As we had another delivery to make at 7pm, we need to heat up the pies and send them over. and really lucky enough, the oven chose such a time to not function properly. The pies were not heated up and we were running late for the delivery. Can u imagine the whole shop was left with only three part-timers? It was just so coincidental that both of the chefs were out with Sammy for his off day. Yeah, our final resort was to call them and ask what to do when the pies and small notes ran low before the dinner peak at 7pm. As we had the urge to hang up the close sign with all these hiccups we were facing, we told them that all the pies were sold out when we actually had 4 left. Hah.. But lucky enough, we sold all 4 before they got back to the shop and started making all pies. I was never so glad to see Sammy. Haha.. At least i know that with him around, we have good workers' benefit.. not like that irritating figure who restricts our meals and drinks to take at the shop.

Frankly speaking, none of us there really like him and i am sure he has felt it in a way of another. But sad to say, he is making no attempt to improve the situations but in fact, doing more things to irritate more of us. Guess i will be jobless really soon. So much to bear when the pay is not in the first place fantastic.

Going to work again later. I really hope that he is not going to be there. Fat hope though.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Second Specialization?!?!?!?!?!?

A pleasant surprise :)

Decision making again~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

First time

First time blogging in school not because i did not want to but most of the time due to the poor network being unable to load blogger properly.

First time leaving examinations hall early before the paper ends.

First time feeling so carefree and heck care about an exam even though i really did not know how to do quite a number of questions.

Second time

This is the second time in about a month that I am declaring holidays for myself. Haa. This time round it is really holidays as I will not be touching my books at all till 07.08.2006. Heh. Special term has ended over a twinkle of an eye. Sparks Goes Pop also ended in seemingly less than a minute. I have also moved on from the major emotional struggle to choose my specialisation that is going to accompany me for the next 2 years. A hard decision no doubt. I also hope that it is a decision that i will not regret and will hold on for however long i need.

Last time
Anything that i am doing for the last time? hmmm.. maybe to slack and not work hard ba. Resolution for the new semester will be to work hard and bring my GPA to greater heights. haa.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Results out

Better than what i expected. Haa. Seems like this is always what i say whenever i get back my results. Though it seems positive, on closer examinations, it is nothung fantastic, simply because i am always prepared for the worst-- seriously the worst-- that's why now i am feeling better with 'better' results. Guess this is a way i learn along the way to cope with imperfections.


We are both stupid. Really childish. Haha

Sparks Goes Pop.11th Jun 2006.Sunday.3pm.Esplanade Concert Hall.

Finally here. Hope everything that should end will end with these concert. I dont have anything special to bring away with just hope that the performance itself will be a memorable day for me to remember forever. Hereby wishing all success! jia you jia you!

Da Vinci Code

Nice show, but can be confusing if one is not good at recognising faces. Hah. Shall read the book if i cant tell myself to persevere to finish it. Hah
(sorry wen,read your tag only after i watched the show!)

Ultra Broke

$ never drop from the sky. Never am i a money controller. This hols is the worse so far. .Esp under the temptation of GSS...Boo~

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Piper's Pies

Though lowly paid, working hours fly as customers have been consistent and the people there are nice so far. Still keeping my eyes wide open to observe and learn.. Just hope that i won't get scalded again. Hopefully the burnt that i got will not leave a scar.. argh...

Who haven watch Da Vinci Code?
i want to watch...