Thursday, May 26, 2005


Heyo!! Rv and Yuhua combined alumni band will be having a concert on 12th June 2005, 5pm at Victoria Concert Hall. Those who are free and feel like giving me support, please come ok? Those who can appreciate band music, must come to support as we are really practising hard to give the best for this shot..For those who do not understand or think that you can't appreciate band music, must also come.. is a universal language and i am sure u will have a pleasant evening listening to what we have to, in short, this is a concert not to be missed as a bonus added to this will be the fact that i am performing!! haha..really hope to see friends turning up yea? Tickets are at $12 and $15..Should be pretty affordable for those who are working.. so, please answer to my call and come for the concert k? Hundred and one thanks to all.. Feel free to contact me any time for ticket order!


Dun talk to me today. i might just step on your toes. Leave me alone.. reaching my limit.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

rainy rainy

It is such a cold and rainy morning. The sky was completely dark and gloomy when i woke up- such a sad morning. I thought it was 6 in the morning that i collapsed onto my bed again..till my mum came in to wake me up again..only to find me sleep-talking haha.. i thought i was conscious, but to my surprise, i was semi-conscious as i talked rubbishly..haha..
It is wednesday today--mid-week. By the mid of next month, i will be totally free- free from everything- free from work, free from tuition, free from band practice since we will be taking a short break. Wah, can see i am really going to be free! hahahhaha.. happy and also sad at the same time. Think i will slack..enjoy my last month before school starts by settling some stuff, some thoughts and move on to embrace the next phrase of my life. Shall really take time off to do the things i have been putting off--before everything is too late.. Think i shall take up some part time job in the meantime in order to support my living in the last month before school starts. Shall look for some jobs taht i have never done before, try new things and new environments if i can find.
I miss you-- this "you" is not you but you..not only him but also her..haha, i am trying to be stupid here..i miss school life, i miss times spent with frens in school! Guess i will miss work once school starts.. woman!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

in A dAZe THRouGHOut

Phew, the long weekend flew pass just like that.. i lost track of time and date and day during long weekends. When it is saturday, i will think that it is sunday. And when it is sunday, i will think that it is saturday and there is still time to spend fruitfully..bleah.. blur blur.
Went to RJCO concert to support yj. Realise that for the first time, i am appreciating CO music.haha. Like the string instruments and the er hu soloist really impressed me! zai! In the past, iu have always find CO music loud and there is nothing more than mere loudness and wa wa suo na sounds. Apologises if i am offending anyone, but that was really how i felt in the past. At least for now, i like the string instruments.. nice nice! Went to j8 for dinner at 1130pm and met alexis and daniel who were there to watch star wars III..wanted to watch with them.. but, got to go home especially for the sake that i have a sleepover the next day. Cant be staying out the whole weekends..if not i will be slaughtered! haha
Saturday morning was relaxed without having to give tuition before rushing for band in the afternoon. My slacked morning was disrupted by weizhi( a 14 months old baby) who pinched me awoke at 930am when i slept at 2am on friday..Grrrr.. though tired and disturbed, my unhappiness melted the moment i saw the innocent and cute grin on his face.. he is soooooooo cute! haha..he is my mum's collegue's darling..haha..spent my whole morning with him.. guess we enjoyed each other's company.. so much so that when i went to bath, he started crying out loud.. scare me! (-_-''') In the end, my bath was done in a rush.. with constant shoutings "weizhi,jie jie is here..hush hush.."realise that it can be quite a big headache when babies become attached to you. Nonetheless, he is so so so ke ai! I feel so relaxed and innocent under his influence..hehe
i supposed this intensive band practices are helping me catch up with my long lost skills..good good. at least i do not feel so demoralised after practices these days..yay! With the great guidance of felix, i feel much better playing,individually as well as as a section.. he is so zai! hehe. i really hope that things will turn out smoothly.. jia you band!!!
Met yvonne and wing at serangoon to ton over at yvonne's place. And with this outing, i have come out with the conclusion that yvonne can overthrow wing to be the chairman of sotong sec! haha. Due to last minute crop outs,only me and wing turned up and waited for yvonne at serangoon station at 8pm...waited and waited then our new sotong head messaged to ask us to leave the station via exit c.. obediently, wing and i walked to the bus stop at exit c and waited..then she called to ask where were we as she could not see us anywhere.. and right, we were waiting at different bus stops.. then we heard her say go to exit d as she typed the msg wrongly..feeling exasperated, we dragged ourselves over..and only to realise that she meant exit b.. fine.. then we started walking out of exit b..and ended up at a cross road where we were told to turn was just so lucky of us to be at an exit that branch into two different exits.. and the two different exits will then bring us to turn at the wrong 'right' that we were supposed to turn. All these brought about a blurry night walk around serangoon gardens on an empty stomach.Everything was then compensated by the sumptuous dinner at chomp! nice! Although only three of us, we ordered hokkien mee,fried tofu,wanton mee,stingray and three really big cups of sugar cane!! haha.. so full that we got to give up wing's craving for chicken wings..must go there again if i can!yay!! With a filled-to-the-brim tummy, we went home for a through-the-night mahjong session.. not too bad playing 3 kakis mahjong..chatted and played at the same time, feel like some taitais.. haha. K.O at around 3 plus, only to find ourselves awakened and sweating profusely as the aircon was auto switched off.
(-_-''') Other than that, i slept like a log for the remaining hours. Had a short badminton game in the think that beng had actually geked me that section had fun playing..cant really run much with my leg..but think it is on its recovery path..bleah bleah
Here comes the more exciting part of our stayover.. We went to geylang to explore in the region and find the nice food that we have always heard of. Jaime and weiting joined us in this quest. Hoping to see people we do not usually see, we were the ones ended up being seen. bloody hell.. the uncles and men there were SERIOUSLY IRRITATING! god gracious.. regretted going there.. were really being stared from head to toe... i was really, seriously disgusted by the facts of life.. *pi!*
Rushed home to dump my mahjong set before setting off to town to meet my primary school gang.. miss them! haha.. always have endless topics and gossips to share and laugh at..though tired and was experiencing hangover, meeting them somehow managed to make me alive and awake..haha.. went to marche and then took many pictures with funny poses at the youth park. First time that louis is so on about taking photos with so many funny poses.. yay! happiness..
Time always fly when we are having fun.. now that i am back in office.. time is crawling..crawling....

Friday, May 20, 2005

a PrEtTY SHOrt weEK..

Time flew pass pretty fast this week. In a twikle of an eye, the long weekend is here already!! yay! I realise that weekdays band practices are pretty exciting in the sense that people are seen rushing around..the rather busty environment makes me happy, because i see people,because i sense the urgency in all of us..a really good feeling..Haha..Though we have not perfected our pieces, i have confidence that we will do it really soon! All the way band!
A week without tuition seems so free. Just as it is a break for the kids, it is heaven for me too!Haha..
I went back to nj on wednesday with section to support shuhui's art exhibition. Though small scale in nature,i am deeply moved my shuhui's art pieces. Be it the initial muse for the art work or the subsequent completion and effort injected into the drawings, i can feel the deep emotions expressed through the drawings. "Shuhui, you have succeeded in expressing yourself! i am so proud of you.."Can see that she is really concern about and love her grandfather.
I am disappointed in him. Once again. Maybe what she said is right, he has got more flaws than strengths.sigh.
Looking forward to meet up with se shu jun and cindy..haha!

Monday, May 16, 2005


haha..having hangover after not sleeping on saturday and sleeping for only about 6hours on sunday..i am like a zombie today! god gracious..i want to sleep! haha. The chalet was short, but time was utilised to the maximum especially for me,ade,xinru and xinpei as we hung on throughtout without sleeping..haha..Had a good nice chat over the night.i cant wait for our chalet at the end of the year this kind of gatherings..girls talk,card games and heart to heart sharing.. though bai ka, my arms proved to be still useful when i played the stagnant beach volley when i was to play with minimum movement..yay! my upper body aching all over..
think i am arriving at a conclusion, finally.

Friday, May 13, 2005

thank You!!!

"hey senior..thanks for all your help and advice regarding my dilemma..really a big big thanks! Though i have yet to decide what i really want.. the talk with you really makes me think more and your advice are also useful in my consideration! hahah.. though i do not think that you will get to read this.. i must still thank you. You are really a good senior.."
And who is this good senior i am blabbering about? *ta dang* he is...
haha..after he learnt about my so called problem..
i have been receiving msges from him as he has been asking his frens who are in helpful! i am kinda touched..haha..
Weekend is round the corner again..but with my bandaged ankle,it is definitely going to hinder my movements..ah! bai ka!!!!!
i dun care, i will still go to chalet. At most i dun go into the water..bleah bleah..
Still got to go back to the sensei tmr..for a change of medicine..for more bitter medication to be consumed. .I wonder why i need to eat medicine when the injured part is my ankle..guess i was too much in pain to actually remember that i should ask them why do i need to take the bitter! Will never ask for syrup for chinese medicine again..think pills are better.
Not feeling really happy these days ..get fed up really easily.. Irritated and frustrated with the things that are happening around me. Irritating people all around. People who are ever so "disturbing" in nature. Looking at them simply gets on my nerves!! weekend..please come soon!Maybe they are not that irritating afterall..just that i am irritated.
Tears are not rolling these days.. it is not as if i like to cry..just that my tears are usually tears of laughter.. for those who knows me well, they'll know that i have active tear glands..if i laugh too whole-heartedly..tears will start exaggeration..sometimes i will even feel paiseh cos the tears just keep coming out. So, if you want to judge whether i am leading a happy life, or whether there are things bothering me, measure the amount of tears i shed! hahah.lame.
oh is FRIDAY THE 13TH! take care everybody.. for me, the day didn't start off well.. cos the LRT train was ultra packed that i was squeezed at the door for the entire trip..and due to the fact that i could not board the LRT i usually take due to the maximum capacity being reached,i missed 2 MRTs that will bring me to work! So..ultra late for work today. Hope as the day passes, things will get shopping tonight at the place where i sprained my ankle. bless me! haha.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

FEelinG vExed...

Help me!! Where should i go? i seriously think that i am bad at choosing and making a decision that will concern my future! Gosh..Really caught in between them. i like abit of this and abit of that. Guess i am simply greedy, wanting the best in the world. That's why i am feeling so vexed now as it is impossible for me to be in both of them...realised that i am blabbering on and on.. it is about uni..applied for both nus and ntu confused as to where i want to go.. bleah.. advice!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

POOooor leg

I sprained my ankle!! What duh.. Really saded and pretty amazed by the way and place i have actually fallen. Practically flew down the steps..Gosh! I feel so handicapped even though it is only the ankle--can understand how wenwei felt-- ('_' "") Just hope to be able to walk easily again..